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F.boudreaux's SKULL

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by sactownsmostgame, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. im new to the dog scene and i would like to know more on f.B.'s Skull dog
    and how was he as a performer and producer ive tryed to look him up on the web but all i got was his ped and info on the ELI dog. Thanks:)
  2. cajunpits

    cajunpits Pup

    this should be interesting
  3. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    game strain. produced well. produced dogs that went to the [] and then went on to produce themselves. crosses well witht he bolio blood, as well as the six bits blood. finding it true is harder now. but it is out there.
  4. gameone

    gameone Big Dog

    I wouldnt call it(skull) a Game strain.If you had over 300+ offspring Id hope something went the the [].Theres alot of watered down dogs.Lot of unproven dogs breed cause of there paper.I know that will piss some people off but facts are facts!Yes they do cross well with other lines.There are working kennels out there with good dogs.But like the last post say there getting hard to find.Theres a reason for that..good luck on ya quest do ya homework and dont fall for the internet b.s..
  5. i noticed he was ROM bout was bred a butt load of times:eek: so
    does that afect the coulity
  6. malakimax

    malakimax Big Dog

    The Skull strain is a good fast lane blood line in it's own right. He is a ROM. The line is not known for being super game, but you don't need just gameness to win. They just need to be gamer than the other dog- game enough.(Gameness should however be at the top of your list) It's really known for mouth, and you will see alot of people cross into it to add mouth to their line. Frisco, and most Eli strains fall into the same group.

    On a seperate note -I understand that the more times bred the more chances of producing winning dogs. It's just basic math, but I think a lot of people put too much weight on how many times has been bred or how little a dog has been bred for their ROM status. They assume that just because they were bred only a few times and became ROM, then it must be the best line ever. For example if they only produced 4 champions and bred 4 times them imagine how many champions they would have if the bred 12 times. It could have been they were just lucky enough to be bred to the right bitches in the begining- But a grand champion off a stud that was bred 300 times is still a grand champion. It just meant all the genes came together like they should have. It also meant the genes were there to put together in the first place. Sometimes you will see a ROM stud that produced his champions late in his career, ?but? would he be a different producer if he was bred to those same females earlier and then stopped producing? A better test to a producing dog is how well the line is producing inbred and gererations down.
    A great example of this is Grand champion Virgil. He was the youngest ROM producer of all time. His champions came at the very beggining of his breeding career. If he would have died right after producing his champions then he would have been thought of a god in the dog world, but he didn't die, and because of his early succsess he was bred alot, and produced a lot of (crappy) dogs in his middle and later part of his life that didn't work out. In THIS case the more he was bred the lower his percent got, not higher, from being bred to all those females. Inbred his line is very low %, and his blood line has gone from super star to super dud. Other lines are like this too. I think Zebo, and the Alligator lines are about the same- Both ROM, but inbred and generations down the lines throw low percent. I think these lines have more to thank from Richard Stratton books than dog men using the blood, and I can say that because those are the lines I started with. Needless to say- not anymore. I like to use the term %, because if anyone says ALL of a one blood line is crap then they are trying to exaggerate to make their point. All blood lines have their good and bad dogs in them, some just more than others.
    david63 and dwd58 like this.
  7. you know wat else i noticed that alot of so call "R.O.M." dogs didnt even have 5XW some Old Dogmen told me thats why the game aint wat it use to be evrything is getting watered down.Or are they just talking crap:confused:, And i know times are diffrent
    you cant do the things Old Timers use to.
  8. magnoilaotis

    magnoilaotis Top Dog

    Oldtimers say that in every generation. I think it is because what they like in a dog changes with age, but most oldtimers say the quality of today's dogs is better than the past. They just see more barnstormers they don't think are game; I think.
  9. crushbones

    crushbones CH Dog

    a dog doesnt have to be a GR CH to produce a GR CH...its dogs on ROM that never been to the [] before, maybe rolled a few times but that it and they produced GR CH.......u got some GR CH who hasnt produced shit!!...a cold dog can produce...its all about the %.....
  10. So A COLD dog should be givin a chance to breed?:confused:
  11. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog Staff Member

    depends. some have the luxury to breed dogs because of the blood behind them and others don't so they only breed proven worker to proven worker.
  12. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    id give a cold dog one chance only if its well breed.if it works go with it,if not no more breeding.
  13. magnoilaotis

    magnoilaotis Top Dog

    If you read the in retrospect hammonds article in the history section of this site you will soon find breeding dogs is an art not science. When asked about breeding quitters( bullyson) to cold blood(satin lady) no other than carver said it won't matter because they would be to much dog for the comp. Unproven, curs, cold dogs and even staffs have produced world changers. I too want only proven dogs, but there is no set formula to produce good dogs.
  14. nolimit

    nolimit Pup

    So yall think Skull is not game. He was game as hell. And produced game bulldogs. Yall crack me the hell up. He was bred a lot because he produced bulldogs. How is it that some of you biddys talk down on a legends foundation stud. Wow you must really have aces on your chains....lol...
    HogdogFla likes this.
  15. Dorito

    Dorito Pup

    I kinda laugh at your post nolimit. Skull was not Floyd's foundation stud, not by a long shot.
  16. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    Bingo!!!! And this is the real reason the oldtimers dont have patients to deal with the pepsi generation lol no respect
    dnnyvkng likes this.
  17. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    He may not have ben his foundation stud but the dog was deemed a quality stud worthy of being a major part of his program by a provin top knotch dog man with a knack for breeding damn good dogs. Thats good enuf for me.
    nolimit likes this.
  18. nolimit

    nolimit Pup

    Dorito during the 5 yrs Floyd owned Skull he was a big part of the breeding program. Skull was the talk of the town at the adba show in Sorrenta 97. Other notable studs were 49, Reno, Simpleman, Little Buddy and one of Muffler sons. Plus he had outstanding bitches.....
  19. nolimit

    nolimit Pup

    Some of yall are really clueless as to what this family brings to the table. They are total package hounds. Loyal family members, great companions and yes they are great athletes with big hearts....like I said...clueless........
  20. Dunlap 1

    Dunlap 1 Big Dog

    The problem with Skull was people want whats next and peddlers want what sells. If I say I have a grand champion that is open to public stud, I would get a shit load of emails and people would PM me like crazy. They want what I have because it's winning and they can say they have a natural born dog off such and such. That's all it is, then they register it on peds online and next thing you know everyone wants to say he is bred 500 times and only produced 5 chamions and the rest are currs. How many people have a peds online account? I know several people who have good dogs that aren't on there. I also know of a few champions that are on there that don't have winning remarks about them. The people who know are in the light while the rest of you are left in the dark.

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