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Last Activity:
Dec 31, 2009
Aug 11, 2008
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oldstylepits was last seen:
Dec 31, 2009
    1. Bxpits
      hit me up at bxpits718@yahoo.com
      i got a couple questions about bellon club's dogs
    2. bounty
      Hi Mate

      I just read the thread on the Bellon dogs.
      I was wondering if you were there when some aussy guys
      came down to meet the Bellon Club in Mexico.
      i think they saw Dancer showed.
    3. SFK
      Ok, I fgured it out. The Old Man has answered under my name. I know you know him. I met you once about this time last year. Your mom makes some great gumbo!
    4. SFK
      Oldstyle, Im trying to figure out who you are. you apparently can't pm on this site anymore. would you please cc me on peds online? handle is ScratchSFK.
    5. jdp204
      cant seem to send you a P.M. anyways thanks for the info. Im interested in that line just because I havent heard much about it. If theres anything about them that sticks out in your mind id love to hear it. Thanks, Joe
    6. masta of game
      masta of game
      no no

      u didnt offend me

      its just different out here

      uh dont worry... u will know what im talking about after u spend some time in here.

      yes, u have to be secretive out here.. u have to be.
    7. masta of game
      masta of game
      go to cutthroat and read my comment there on his profile..its about u
    8. cutt
      lotta ears and eyes watching so its best to what we type. I wouldnt have called it a dumbass post since u didnt know though. but just be aware that its not tolerated..
    9. Marty
      Hello oldstylepits,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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