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Celtic Savage
Last Activity:
Aug 12, 2011
Dec 3, 2010
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Celtic Savage


Celtic Savage was last seen:
Aug 12, 2011
    1. fblb
      I recommend that you kill yourself. FRIEND
    2. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      When starting out with Hammonds dogs,which actually make good crosses,what line of "tight" bred dogs are good to introduce the the blood?Recomendations?
    3. Celtic Savage
      Celtic Savage
      Take 641 to Camden.You'll hit 40 there.Would like 2 talk privately some time!Lance402222@yahoo.com. Drive careful my friend! FRIEND
    4. Bobby Rooster
      Bobby Rooster
      Thanks but I think we're just gonna head back, we're gonna stop in town prob. By the square and grab a bite to eat and then head on back, I have really no idea where I am, LOL but I think we can find our way back to town and then back onto 641 to get to 40.
    5. Bobby Rooster
      Bobby Rooster
      I don't know Mike personally but my fam. did. You know it's been about 6 or 7 months since I talked to or seen chevez (Robert) but last time I talked to him he was still where he had been. Still had dogs off Rocko and an assortment of those mims/sorrels/banjo dogs. Your gonna find it funny I'm in Paris tonight with my GF dropping off a girl from my GF's work, I didn't relolize where I was until I saw the sign as we came into the co. From 641.
    6. Bobby Rooster
      Bobby Rooster
      Hey Celtic, I thought I had replyed to your msg, but it appers I'm not much good at compters either, LOL. Welcome to the site fellow Tennessean, Thank you for the complement, I've been lucky to own some beautiful dogs inside and out... Yeah Big Mike from KY, he used to break colts right? His wife's family was big money, she was the grand daughter of someone I can't remember the name of... But yeah I'm right outside Shelbyville, I only have a couple horses but I love them, I'd have 100 if I had the room and money, I was raised around them. That's a pretty kool thing to have that much of a history with these dogs, can't wait to see the pix. Anyways have fun on the site, there is a lot of good historical info on here once you weed thru the BS.

      Take Care
    7. RedGoodbye
      Sup Celtic. Im glad you enjoyed that. He had it comeing. I personaly am not the redneck type quite the opposit actualy. I have friends in these dogs and in life in general that range from white country boys (rednecks lol) to Black city boys (thugs lol) and everything inbetween. Its tuff times for alotta folks right now and that dude Gar is a prick.
    8. diggit
      I have a bunch of clips on youtube :)


      yes a man does need land, but in this case its a woman :) are you on facebook? add me


      I got some alligator in my dogs too. and a little bit of rascal in that white female I got.
    9. diggit
      thanks for the compliments! I live in british columbia :) about one hr from washington state border.

      I got my white female from south texas, I have been through some females and shes the only I felt worthy of keeping so far. I plan on moving to an acreage so I will be able to expand :) im very excited about it.
      cant wait to see your pics.
    10. Vicki
      Hello Celtic Savage,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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