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da boy
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Jul 4, 2012
Jun 22, 2009
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da boy


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Jul 4, 2012
    1. Lee D
      Lee D
      post vids like that up here again and i'll personally put you out the door.
    2. raiderncpit
      check out http://www.riospitbull.com/bloodlines_6.htm theres some pretty cool info on specific bloodlines as well as cool general info...don't know for sure what my dog is his dad was adba pappered and the mom was just a good lookin unpappered pit (from backyard breeders basically) . Thankfully he turned out pretty good but it was kinda a gamble . I know alot more about the breed now....my next dog'll be a ofrn adba pappered.
    3. raiderncpit
      try carolina gamedogs.com, But if you put some time into it you can find pure eli pups and all kind of ofrn's from searching on google. I think one of the sites is puppysites.com check out bryantsreddevils.com. but if you use google you can, it takes a while but you'll find some awesome dogs for about $200-500. But I'm saving up to get a puppy from Kain (bryants red devils)
    4. Marty
      Hello da boy,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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