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Last Activity:
Jan 14, 2009
Nov 25, 2008
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davidinwestldn was last seen:
Jan 14, 2009
    1. pit#5
      that is a pit type dog little bit of EBT
    2. beanieman
      it's hard to say when there a pup you can tell at a later age what it is and since you live in the uk its also possible that your dog has some irish staff blood in him my irish dogs are around 55lbs and 48cm shoulder heigth the same as a true am staff
    3. Scratchy
      It's uncommon to tell the breed by looks alone but it's possible to make an accurate guess when he's older.
    4. Nancy
      Don't know, possibly, like I said you can't tell from just looking at them :)
    5. Marty
      Because you live in the UK and there banned there.

      You can't tell just by looking at a dog but you best say it's an AMstaff.
    6. Marty
      No its an AMstaff!
    7. Nancy
      You need paperwork for that one to see how his parents are breed :)
    8. Trouble
      just going by looks. what did the the dam and sire look like?
    9. Trouble
      It doesn't matter just love him a good dog is a good dog
    10. Trouble
      Look more like a staff than a abpt
    11. Boze
      not sure like everyone said without a pedigree you will nevern no i have a rescue dog and she looks to be all APBT but i will never no it is something that used to bother me but none the less i love her and she loves me so it really is all that matter
    12. Trouble
      Looks like a mix but hard to tell
    13. Southerncharm
      Why hello David, I see you ask alot of people the same you ask me, and they have all gave you great answeers. I'm not sure, but he's beautiful. I would say maybe a Staffie mix or some kind of Pittie mix.
    14. MOOT44
      Like I said, I am not totally sure. He's cute, I know that. Good Luck! Andrew
    15. MOOT44
      david: I am not sure bro. Looks to be some sort of 'pit' or 'pittie mix'. W/out papers, it's hard to tell what dogs 'are'. Like many will say, love her/him and get him/her fixed:) Good Luck!
    16. Titch_Pitbull
      its a staff. or staff x
    17. kdue
      from the looks i would say yes somewhat!! can i say it's pure....no! but it sure looks nice.
    18. Patch O' Pits
      Patch O' Pits
      You'll be able to tell more about the pup as he grows, but will never know for certain.
    19. Patch O' Pits
      Patch O' Pits
      He is very cute, but without papers from an ethical breeder and good registry there is no way to know for sure. Enjoy the pup; they grow up too fast
    20. aristo
      I can't tell for sure.....No pedigree? Registered?
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