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Jan 12, 2014
Likes Received:
    1. casey billy
      casey billy
      Hello my name is casey billy im lightning Billys oldest grandson. I never met him of curse. But im really interested in talking to someone that actually knew him. Ive heard few storys but everyone that ive talk to didnt really kno him i dont think. But please contact me back please. Ive been told i look alot like him. Especially cuz my eyes are just like his my grandmother says
    2. niko
      Hope you're doing good brotha...just wanted to say I appreciate everything you share with the site...keep up all the great info...thank you:)
      1. kasperian and O.S.O. NAS like this.
    3. Dream Pits
      Dream Pits
      Can you get me some of that bull blood? I had a bunch off wcc's buddy, nice dogs. Clear some space in your inbox
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