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Last Activity:
Nov 4, 2012
Jul 31, 2008
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Everywhere under the Sun!
Electronics Technician


Top Dog, from Everywhere under the Sun!

JBlazeRx7 was last seen:
Nov 4, 2012
    1. preme
      blaze ive been reading a few threads and you always seem to say thing with common sense..
      so hope to leach and learn wat i can.........peace
    2. Scratchy
      I'm going to make my contribution through her webiste. I think the fliers are great idea. Did you get some printed?
    3. Octavio_.N.J.
      she's not mine she from a member in this forum you talking about the blue right the show was a final in Mexico City she won third place if im not mistaken.
    4. Scratchy
      I have to wait til I get to school Tuesday to print them
    5. Nikita
      Nothing much going shooting today:) just been busy with my dog;) what have you been up to?
    6. ChinamanMaverick
    7. mntman2003
      how things?
    8. ChinamanMaverick
      How you mean? Like good cross?
    9. genevieve
      it was a LONG drive. at least it was worth it... still hoping some day he will take a first...
    10. genevieve
      took two seconds in conformation 3-5 males, a second and a third in weight pull 35 to 45
    11. genevieve
      Which one? NC?
    12. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Just read your "happy B-day" comment on my page....thank you for your wishes!
    13. Dr_jitsu
      Dogs are growing up....female is 9 months, male is 8 months.

      They were getting along pretty well...actually female was whoping up on the male until yesterday (she is an absolute terror) he got tired of it and they started scrapping. Busted each other up a bit but was was able to clean them up.

      Ironically yesterday was the day I finished a steel kennel in the back yard which will help since I can't let them play together very much anymore.

      Female also went into heat so they are getting walked separately.
    14. mr torres
      mr torres
    15. chinasmom
      Did you know your PM's are disabled? Anyway, hope you got some pics of the rest of his dogs. They are nice too.
    16. genevieve
      We are not officially recognized as a club, just a bunch of us working dogs on Sundays. Trainer is very good, all of the dogs in the club that are worked consistently are titled.
    17. genevieve
      Yup, living in Eastern PA now though. Still back in Jerz on most Sundays for Sch training.
    18. mr torres
      mr torres
      i was was there in woodstown on saterday oct11
    19. Flipside
      No I don;t own Lukane..he is RIP!
    20. Flipside
      Where you located?
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    Everywhere under the Sun!
    Electronics Technician
    Bloodline of Choice:
    Jeep/Chinaman or RB/Boyle
    My family, my life and the preservation of my dog's!


    Rogue Kennels

    Our dog's have shown Loyalty with Endless
    Courage! It's time we show our's!

    Two small bits of advice from two of the top dog men in the dog game-increase the work and rest a tired dog. To understand this is to understand what a tired dog looks like when he is over worked and needs a day of rest.
    Quoted by: Don. Mayfield and Danny B.