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Last Activity:
Apr 12, 2024
Dec 16, 2005
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joker was last seen:
Apr 12, 2024
    1. Buck E. Owens
      Buck E. Owens
      I just figured out added you but we never spoke. Who do you know in canada?
    2. joker
      Hello JB,

      When you say STP are you talking about J or the guy that comes on this board with the user name stpfan.
    3. JBlazeRx7
      Oooh wow that was awhile ago. I had given most of the pups to friends I mine at that time. I lost contact with them but I see that are do some what good. Not as good as I intended as the ppls who had them didn't work them like they should have. Sorry that don't have as much info as you'd hoped but I hope your pups are doin better!

      Hey I have a question for you I've been tryin to get in contact with STP as I haven't seen him in a LONG time. If you have any info please holla at me at my email JBlazeRx7@yahoo.com Thanks
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