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Last Activity:
Nov 25, 2010
Feb 27, 2009
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LLC was last seen:
Nov 25, 2010
    1. pitmac
      do you have a website or blog? My email is pitmacedonia@yahoo.com
    2. pitmac
      I am very interested in getting a heavy cottingham puppy. I am from Macedonia, Europe and will be in the USA in March. Will you have puppies available at the end of March and from which combination. I will be very grateful if you will provide guidance in my quest of finding a great cottingham puppy. Thanks
    3. marshall
      i would like to know if your are still breeding the cottingham dogs and whats available would like a pup...and also what cottingham males do u have sperm off of and whats the prices,,AGAINST ALL ODDS KNLS!! LET ME KNOW
    4. thall28
      I would love to have some of your stock if possiable, pm if you would.
    5. Sratch2win28
      I'd like to breed this bitch( ped#356491) to danger mouth whats the stud fee?
    6. Dred Lok Kennels
      Dred Lok Kennels
      I diff will get with u just let me get thru these Holiday's.........
    7. Dred Lok Kennels
      Dred Lok Kennels
      Damn looking at ur messages the secret is out.................. ;)
    8. Dred Lok Kennels
      Dred Lok Kennels
      Sup, LLC glad to see u here, can't wait to do what we talked about.........
    9. yankee
      I will clean the dog poo on your yard for 3 months for a pup of your stock and your choice sir.I need one to cuddle and be my BFF! Have some simpathy please!My last dog died of some kind of lung cancer but I could'nt figure out why.
    10. Congoman
      I wanted to holler at you about that Cottingham blood man.
    11. yankee
      Can you please contact me . I am interested in your stock!!!!!
    12. thall28
    13. Congoman
      Hey man PM me when you get a chance.
    14. rodney39531
      I would really like some cottingham blood. Do you sell your pups to the public. If so for how much
    15. BMT
      How much 4 1 of those cottinham males or female 15mon or older
    16. AK47
      LLC, pls let me know if you are willing to ship yearlings here in the Philippines. I run Cardenas/ELI blood but Im looking at Cottingham strains as my out..
    17. AK47
      hi LLC, where are u from? Im interested with your cottingham dogs.. Im from the Philippines...
    18. buk
      can you email me would like to speak to you

    19. Marty
      Hello LLC,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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