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Last Activity:
Apr 25, 2014
Nov 18, 2009
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stratos9 was last seen:
Apr 25, 2014
    1. BoogiemanBlood
      Welcome back :)
    2. wardogkennels
      If you don't figure the video thing out, I will message you tonight when I get out of work.
    3. stratos9
      I always thought that the ole Colby dogs were something I would like to have tried I believe they were % wise very good dogs, seem like Colby produced honest breedings & dogs. But we never knew a lot of people down here (Fl.) that had anything we knew about. Most everyone in my time had ( Midnight Cowboy, Boomerang, Chivo, and some of our competitors had the Divines' Cassius Clay line. Me and the guys that I run with are die hard Loposay's "BUSTER" fans. This is kinda the backbone of where we started our line that we STILL have very tight and are pretty honest to us.BB URL CODE:EDWARDS' BAD NEWS II

      Yes, the ELMO II dog is down here at BBD Knls and we are using him for an out for our very tight "BUSTER" females. Got a couple of 2x's and one 4x "Ch. OTIS 4x" you can look him up if you have pedsonline.
    4. chaser71
      Have some old eli/colby stuff that I have had forever stuff that was around this area.Just picked uo a lonzo/mayfield bitch that seems cool .Had some frisco stuff years ago that I liked alot.But time change & so do dogs!What line you runnin?
    5. chaser71
      Nice lookin' dogs you have there!Oh yeah your buddy ben is a Dumbass!
    6. Dr. Moreau
      Dr. Moreau
      I agree with what you say about a handshake and your word I wish the world was still like that who is this baadclyde I have got pups of off Tom and I am getting a pup soon send me the right way pm me thanks
    7. Naustroms
      are you asking something? sorry dont understand the question
    8. pit4ever
      how u doing stratos
    9. 22GARA
      are u apbtdog
    10. gimwitag
      did your group own yo big?
    11. gimwitag
      thanks for the insight on the chivo issue, i see i might have to settle for a cowboy dog more toward stuff like happy jack. not to up on gizmo seen some ruff stuff but later told it showed bad signs. Ive played with alot of lines tab jeep blackjack mayday redboy even red devil/corvino stuff. I feel i have a better chnce with a eli bred dog, they are the cornerstone to more breeding then ever.eli eli eli!
      thanx for info pretty nifty bud
    12. Sampson1
      Thanks for your help Stratos9..
    13. RedGoodbye
      Keep youre comments off my page you silly bastard lmao
    14. stratos9
      A friend of mine had a nasty bitch out of cowboy x patty (divines) and we bred her twice to chivo and i had won female edwards' "precious" she also look like cowboy and love the chest. We bred her to a grandson of loposay's "buster "and talking about wishing you had one back now. Anyway i was up there to bred to cowboy one day and baker was hunting and margart ask us in and broke out the albums..pretty neat. We ask her what she thought would happen if one of the big 3 got of the chain she believes that boomerang would have been "last man standing" seems to me the cowboy and chivo dogs always come black so maybe they were brothers we'll never know. Both could sleep in my house.
    15. gimwitag
      I noticed you bred to chivo back in the day how did it work for you, and at what time was he bred, its funny Ive been looken for some heavy chivo blood, in my opinion he was better then his brother. loved his battle against gilman's 400(niggerXHoward'a Red
    16. Vicki
      Hello stratos9,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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