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Last Activity:
Jan 26, 2014
Jul 24, 2008
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northwest indiana
college student- Business retail mangement


Big Dog, from northwest indiana

websterz28 was last seen:
Jan 26, 2014
    1. gogettem
      max is gone the one eye dog is da real deal and i dont know g the pup is two months
    2. gogettem
      r u familiar wit the mayday dogs
    3. gogettem
      nice pic of lukane
    4. Caos
      who's that marcelo that are a jiu jitsu player?I jus saw your message on wardog profile.
    5. performanceknls
      That little pup I have I am really disapointed in. A lack of drive and completely useless to my kennel as a working dog. I guess I have nothing good to say about that litter right now since I have not seen how the other ones have turned out. I was expecting a lot more but got a lazy pet. Also she has bad feet that came from that crazy leg bitch. Many dog in that line have really bad feet they are flat and broken down in the pastern and that is horrible for working dogs. Just something to think about since you were looking at her Dam's littermate.
    7. BullDozer
      You have your girl looking real good! Good luck with her she should do well!
    8. EXIGE
      my friend he is about to charge me for 1850 dollars!!!you think should avid him?i dont want the worst puppy of the breeding.i want the best.and i dont think if he is about to give it to me for real
    9. ThePostMan
      I don't remember what time they'll start, probably early like 8 or 9 am...I usually get there early to get my dogs emptied out and a nice shaded spot to relax in...there aren't many places to go to eat out in New Lenox so I usually grab something from the concession stand or bring my own but I appreciate the offer.
    10. Dr_jitsu
    11. Dr_jitsu
      Hi Roger,

      I ultimately did not get a dog from Mike. He did refund my money, however which is a testimony to his ethics.

      My advice is to give him a call, I am sure he would be more than happy to talk with you. He is very, very knowledgeable. His number is on his website.
    12. Marty
      Hello websterz28,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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    northwest indiana
    college student- Business retail mangement
    Bloodline of Choice:
    the kind that works
    i go to college and do jiujitsu..thats pretty much it

    Jiu-jitsu,video games,slutty chicks