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AADR-All American Dog Registry(New Ownership)

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by SRK, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. SRK

    SRK Pup

    Some of you are aware that the All American Dog Registry is under new ownership. It is now owned by the Appalachian APBT Club in Morganton, NC. It is now owned by 6 members and will be run by a board. We will also be using a new name, All American Dog Registry International, LLC.

    We will be looking for more clubs as well as continued and new support at our shows, weight pulls and treadmill races. We currently have clubs in Mexico, Italy, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan with many others coming forward with time.

    Please visit our new website at All American Dog Registry International, LLC - AADRI, LLC Home. You can also find us on facebook, just type in AADR.

    We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!
  2. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Cool. thanks for letting us know.
  3. 305APBT

    305APBT Big Dog

    Hope to get some AADRI shows down south bottom of the map.
  4. ElJay

    ElJay CH Dog

    Great to hear this.... I will support the organization now...
  5. John Galt

    John Galt Pup

    If it's not a secret, who owns the AADR and will you have an event in Morganton/Hickory soon? Thanks.
  6. SRK

    SRK Pup

    Beth Howell (Thats me), Denise Smith, Linda Arriaga, Jack Barlow, Felicia Cobb with assistance from a few others. We are hoping to have a show in the Morganton.Hickory area VERY soon, just gotta finish some last touches on other things before we step forward! Thanks everyone for your support!
  7. 87buick

    87buick Top Dog

    any va md shows?
  8. SRK

    SRK Pup

    At this time, no. We are looking for new clubs to start up. If you are interested in doing one or getting a group together to make a club, email us! aadrdogs@gmail.com
  9. Iron Mike

    Iron Mike CH Dog

    Am I still a sanctioned judge and a registered kennel? :lol:
    Well maybe this for the best. Hopefully the history of the registry will be correct now.
    I saw on the old website the registry started in 1997? No, it was in the early 80's by Sal Gaston in Bellflower Cal.
    I still have old AADR Registration papers from Sal in my files.
    If the new owners would like copies email me at ironlinekennels@ironlinekennels.com and I will mail them out.
    Old written history is always nice to have. Specially when it is the written word from the person and/or business it is about.
  10. SVKNLS

    SVKNLS Pup

    I like the AADR and have a kennel registration with them and several of my dogs registered, but lack of shows in south have prevented me from papering my dogs through them. Suicide Victory Kennels
  11. Jefferson

    Jefferson Big Dog

    Anyone that isn't ADBA is an improvement! Lately ADBA has been the only game in town. The other registeries haven't really been doing anything that Ive seen. Maybe I missed it, but it seems BFKC and SDR are pretty dormant. Not sure who else is still out there.
  12. Iron Mike

    Iron Mike CH Dog

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