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Allready posted new pup but updated pic

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by robert4296, Sep 9, 2011.


    CBRSALT Big Dog

    Saw d page of those invictos dogs. Likn them. Your experience with them? (purchase,shipping,quality,temperment, etc)
  2. Purchase , shipping, quality and temp are all 100%, very very happy with this pup, he doesnt need any help doing what he needs to do best, recommend Imperios Kennels all the way, looking foward to his future , this would be my first experience with that line, but allready liken what i see, and dont forget all stuff is tested!!!!!as advertised on the website. Cant say much more than that bro, good price great quality cant beat that.
  3. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Awww......... look at him! He's got the same mismatched ears as my Moonshine. :) Good luck with him!
  4. Check out Ms redneck in his ped , u want to talk ears hahhahaah
  5. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Those are some good ears...make ya smile.
  6. Flipside

    Flipside CH Dog

  7. zolla

    zolla Banned

    yea imperios is an awesome kennel, my invicto2 and mamba pup is now 7months old, and is a monster, and he also has funny looking ears kinda like his grandmother miss redneck i think it runs in that line, but great dogs, and great people down there.

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