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another new guy

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Medicj02, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Medicj02

    Medicj02 Pup

    Hey i'm new here....there's no newbie intro and i thought i'd do this to have at least a couple of people know who i am.....I have an 11 month old rednose that i got from my ex...he was found wandering the streets and i told her i'd take him, i'm from arkansas but i currently live in Tulsa, Ok and will be moving to little rock, AR possibly in 2 weeks....oh yeah...i'm gonna be asking a bunch of questions too because other than me having my boy for 8 months this is my first pit experience and i wonder lots of things
  2. Welcome to this site. I and other members will be happy to help you or guide you whenever needed. I hope you like exercise because this breed does, indeed! That is a cute little girl there! Have you spayed/neutered it yet?
  3. jankab

    jankab Top Dog

    Welcome to the site! Remember in addition to asking questions use the search option on the toolbar, alot of questions can be answered that way reading previous threads.
  4. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Welcome to the site:) don't be scared to ask questions, thats what the site is about learning about the breed, so ask away ;)
  5. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    Hey another fellow okie! yay! lol

    welcome to the site!!!
  6. pulldoginks

    pulldoginks Banned

    Welcome I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I have!
  7. Medicj02

    Medicj02 Pup

    Thanks...thats my g/f's daughter....he's not spayed/neutered yet (i dont know which one it is for males) i heard if you get that done to him then he wont be as active.....first question....i believe my dog's patches on his face are reverse blue brindle....i'm not sure though....there real light and the base of the hair in some parts are white and the tips of the hair in some parts are a dark color....possibly blue or black[​IMG]
  8. CB

    CB CH Dog

    Welcome to the site have fun..

    P.s Marty we should get a introduction page on here.
  9. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Hey Med, welcome![​IMG]

    Your dog & your girlfriend's daughter are both beautiful! You must be very proud! This is a wonderful site, so stick around, don't be afraid to ask questions, & fill the gallery with your pictures.

    In response to this statement:
    This is false. The only dogs who get fat after being spayed/neutered (boys are neutered ;) ) are those who owners feed them way to much & exercise them way to little. By neutering your dog, you do a number of things: 1. take his unknown pedigree/history out of the pool (which is a GOOD thing as you have no idea what kinds of dogs are in this dog's ped, or what kind of genetic issues if any) 2. take away his chance of developing testicular cancer 3. DRASTICALLY reduce his chance of prostate problems (which we see a lot of) & reduce the chance of him developing tumors around the anus later in life (they're totally disguisting & surgery is usually out of the question due to their location) 4. increase his life span by approx. 3 yrs (yes, there's factual studies/research to prove this) 5. become a responsible owner.

    There are many a catch dogs (hog dogs) that are spayed/neutered because many hunters feel they can actually work better w/out being distracted by being in heat/having bitches around in heat. Many if not most of us on this board have at least 1 spayed/neutered APBT.
  10. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog

    What's up? Your dog looks like he has red patches not blue or black or whatever. Either way, I don't think it matters just love em! Color means nothing in this breed...;)
  11. Brothermarree

    Brothermarree Top Dog

    Welcome to the Group!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!
  12. Medicj02

    Medicj02 Pup

    Yep....that's good....understand you fully....and on to training [​IMG]
  13. Big Papa

    Big Papa CH Dog

    i know i think intros are good
  14. bam-bam's mom

    bam-bam's mom Big Dog

    welcome to game-dog

    and an even bigger welcome back to arkansas!!!! i live about 20 minutes north of there. glad to have ya in the state!! these guy/gals are the best.
  15. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Nice to have ya! Thanks for the intro.....I'm sure you will love the site. :)
  16. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog

    You had a question about training? What are you training for? Ask away, there are more than enough knowledgable people here to answer any question you may have!
  17. GD2

    GD2 Top Dog

    Welcome Enjoy Your Stay I Have.
  18. Judy

    Judy CH Dog

    Welcome to the group.
  19. whiteyransom

    whiteyransom Top Dog

    welcome to the site! glad you're wanting to learn, instead of winging it!!! never hurts to be prepared! if i were you, i'd definately have your lil boy fixed.
    and he's a nice lookin dog!
  20. luv4pits

    luv4pits Pup

    Hey there iam a newbe to. welcome to the site u have a good looking dog. hope to cya around.

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