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Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Agent_X, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    Attached Files:

    • puma.jpg
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    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2006
  2. SAM_I_AM

    SAM_I_AM Big Dog

    Good Lookin Pup Should Turn Out Nice
  3. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    yeah here the link


    MTNDOG Big Dog

    nice bred pup good luck.
  5. Flipside

    Flipside CH Dog

    Looks good.....proven cross!


    very promising peds
  7. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    yeah thx.. cant wait til she old enough...

    thinkin about crossin her with jeep. what do you guys think? is that a good cross?
  8. I'd take her back to the tight Earl Jr. stuff, if she turns out worth breeding. I'm a biases Chinaman fan tho :)

  9. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    tight Earl Jr huh...got a link?
  10. jwblack

    jwblack Pup

    http://hawgdawgs.proboards51.com/ check this guy out
  11. japangame

    japangame Big Dog

    Definatly dont outcross yet.. take it back to something real tight. Great lookin ped though. Good luck with that. Plan your breedings accordingly and very early.
  12. MTNDOG

    MTNDOG Big Dog

    I would take her back to the bolio/maloney blood. It is a much higher % blood. Good luck though.

  13. Agent_X

    Agent_X Pup

    got any link to these bloodline
  14. NORTH

    NORTH Top Dog

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