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Discussion in 'The Dogs' started by Stratman, May 17, 2016.

  1. Stratman

    Stratman Big Dog

    Respect for Grand Champion Spike and great fan support paved the way for his name to be remembered for all time. Spike was sired by Woods’ Snooty ROM and whelped by Middleton's Black Betty. His sire, Snooty, was a red colored dog with a white face and a black nose. He was off of Maurice Carver's yard, sired by Norman Hooten's Snake bred to Art Riley's Missy. Snooty was as game as any dog that crossed the pit. Snooty suffered heavy scaring about the face from his many dogfights, but the dog that left his mark on this great dog most was Crenshaw's CH Rascal. Look at Snooty's nose and bridge of his eyes; he was punished terribly by this dog. James Crenshaw and Ronnie Hyde lived near each other and after much talking about these two super dogs going at it, they went. Rascal and Snooty fought for almost two hours when Hyde picked Snooty up. Both dogs scratched and Rascal had soundly beaten a game dog.
    Ronnie Hyde was so pissed at losing that he drove off, leaving Snooty on the bed of an old pickup to die. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Crenshaw Snooty lived and Hyde came and got his dog back a few weeks later. Snooty won two and lost two game. His sister was CH Buck
    Widow that won four. Middleton's Black Betty came right out of Texas. Cecil Middleton went to Raymond Holt's yard and bought this double-bred daughter of Holt's Jeremiah while still on her mama's tit. The bitch was an extraordinary producer; in her day, even though she was a cur dog. She produced small, hard biting dogs with lots of ability. She also produced Casper, and the 7X Winner Johnny Young's GR CH Face. Therefore, as you can see, Spike came to this world as no accident. He showed it all as a prospect, thus avoiding the sandpit where his handler and conditioner, for his first four fights, would have quickly put him. This mans name was Atlas Brewer.
    On December 5th 1981 at the age of 25 months, Spike met Spruill's Petie in his first contract match. Petie, of Boomerang/Cowboy breeding, took severe damage to the chest from the beginning. Even though he fought with pure gameness, Petie was unable physically to make his second scratch at :40.
    Spike's second match was against a half brother to CH Jeep owned by Hargroves, this proved to be Spike's toughest match as the buckskin possessed an extremely fast mouth and lots of bite. After :45, the buckskin has a slight edge and Spike was missing a sizable chunk of his upper lip. The pace of the match started to tell on the buckskin and Spike found his way to the chest. For the next 15 minutes, Spike put on a display that left many Dogmen shaking their heads. At the 2:00 mark Harry's dog was unable to scratch and Spike was a 2X Winner.
    Watson and Peeler from Tennessee brought their Spence dog for Spike's third match. Spence was by Reddick's GR CH Pedro and had won before in 2:00 impressing everyone with gameness. Egan Skinner was at this match, just as he was at Spike’s first two, betting on the other dog. Egan did not like Spike and came this day to win back his losses. From the beginning, Spike outperformed Spence in every sense of the word. Getting the best of the wrestling, Spike was able to go to the chest and it was ‘Katy bar the door’. Spence stood the line after :26. Incidentally, Spence later won another fight over Hargroves in 2:00, but he did not win Egan any of his money back that night.
    Fight number four, pitted Spike against the boys from New Jersey and Pig, sired by CH Red. Pig was a 2X Winner from Jarrett. Spike's ability forced Pig to fight defensively from the beginning and Pig proved to be able to adapt to this style for the next 1:10. Then Spike got in on the dog and took him apart for the next 19 minutes with his mouth and ability showing tremendous bite late into the fight. Though game to the end, Pig was picked up at 1:29.
    The fifth match of Spike's career took place in Little Rock Arkansas. He was put in the hands of Tommy Curry for this match. Tommy at this time was a top-flight Dogman from Louisiana. It was a hot day and so was Spike as he went to the chest early and the conclusion was never in doubt. After 30 minutes of severe punishment the Texas dog could take no more and took the count on his third scratch. GR CH Spike would mainly work the chest and shoulders; this was where he got his killing holds, quick and fast. Pig, the head dog, ran for an hour but when Spike got there, he bit as hard at 1:29 as he did at :29. His mouth was his most lethal weapon. To be built as heavily as he was for a 33 pound dog, he was as quick as the finer boned dogs. Tom told me that on a scale of 1 to 10 on speed, he was an 8 and on mouth, he was a 10. I asked him what other dogs he put in that same category and he said: GR CH Miss Rage, Curry's CH Blondie, Ken and the A Team's Double GR CH Tornado, CH Bolero, CH Chinaman and Boston Crum's Mary Jane.
    Tom wanted to make some added points beyond the 'normal' story. On the subject of the direction Tom is breeding, which is obviously towards CH Chinaman, why not breed towards Spike? Tom says, “The CH Chinaman dogs are much more predictable to breed than the Spike dogs. Let me expand on that to add that GR CH Spike was not even close to the ideal structure of a pit dog and that most dogs built like this do not perform like Spike. Of all the heavy Bullyson dogs I have bred, almost 10 % of the offspring have heart murmurs and 5% to 10% will have vaginal dysphasia. I have found this true with all Bullyson lines except for Honeybunch, and the absence of this in Honeybunch makes me disbelieve her pedigree.” In what way is GR CH Spike utilized in the breedings you are making now? Tom replied, “Some of the best dogs from Frisco have come through Spike bitches. I still have Spike’s sperm in storage and will be breeding this sperm to a daughter of Spike, Goodson's Dozer, an honest bitch. This will yield 3/4 Spike, 1/8 Honeybunch, 1/16 Crenshaw's Otis and 1/16 Finley's Bo.” Spike has produced far above average, as it is a matter of record. When bred to a Spanky/Bullwinkle bitch, he produced Hillbilly's CH Spanky Dan. Off of a CH Booker T bitch from Doc Whitley came Potter's GR CH Naylor, also CH Bootlegger, of Indian Sonny’s, who was whelped by Bristol’s Make Up, a daughter of Bristol's CH Thor. Tom Garner had a bitch in the early 80's named Patty, who was a daughter of Pistol Pete and Texas Tess, when bred to GR CH Spike she produced Blankenship's CH Suzy and Walston's 2X Winner Billy Boy. Tommy Curry made a breeding of Spike to a daughter of CH Alligator bred to his sister, Susan Renee. From this came the game 3 X Winner 1X Loser CH Spikey and his sister, who won two. The ‘best for last’ must be Doc Holiday, as he won five off the chain and two contracts, one of those being in the epic battle between J. Mayfield's Leon, a brother to Coy's CH Leroy, in which Doc won in 2:00. It is dogs like Garner's GR CH Spike that this game is all about. He was a well-bred, hardbiting super dog that had it all. Old Egan Skinner never could win back that money, as he lost all four times he saw Spike fight. Egan just could not see beyond his wallet and that you would have to kill Spike to beat him.

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    very nice share and great addition to the site !!!thanks...
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  3. mr.cujo

    mr.cujo Pup

    I love he spike blood!!
  4. hwm

    hwm Big Dog

    I had a hand in the Spanky Dan dog. Game as they come.
  5. Stratman

    Stratman Big Dog

    Hillbilly's Spanky Dan showed deep game in winning his Championship match in a 3 hour battle. A fantastic son of GrCh Spike.



    Spikes cousin Inner Citys Patch Eye Pete was another champion that broke the snooty/spanky code and showed deep gameness...

    Hargroves Spanky was a cur that produced three champions and a host of deep game dogs,,,
    because of both snooty and spankys performances spankys offspring was tested very hard...

    I would have chose Spike dogs over Spanky dogs If I had the chance as two consecutive curs seem to be too much if thats not too many 2s...


    I guess in snanky dans case you get both snooty facets!!!
  8. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    There was much to that match .
  9. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Top Dog

    Anyone have luck with the santos stuff

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