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Garners Mary Brood Bitch RIP

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by Pitboyz08, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Pitboyz08

    Pitboyz08 Pup

    It is with very sad and heavy hearts that I must report that Garners Mary passed away today at Hillsborough County Animal Services due to an unforseen illness.

    Mary was awaiting approval of a Foster application and unfortunately did not live long enough to see that happen.

    Mary was taken from a horrible situation and was showered with love and affection while at HCAS.

    She learned to trust humans and actually was learning to enjoy just being a dog. Her flumpy little trot through the kennel and out to the dog park is something I will always hold near to my heart and it will most definately bring a smile to my face upon saying her name .

    Mary's gift to us was a gift of patience and resilence. Of simple trust and love.

    I am lighting my candle in memory of this girl who deserved so much better and praying that people who own brood btiches step up to the plate and do better by them when they no longer can produce. For all the $$ and notoritety that these dogs bring to the owner the owner needs to return the favor
  2. mntman2003

    mntman2003 CH Dog

    thats fucken sad!
  3. Nell_Bell

    Nell_Bell Big Dog

    Rest in Peace Mary!
  4. DrGonnzoe

    DrGonnzoe Pup

    That is sad.:(
    Do you know what happened?
  5. WNK

    WNK Big Dog

    May Mary rest in peace :(
  6. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    I am so very sorry and sad to hear this. My most sincere condolences to you and to all who cared for her.
  7. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    poor girl, peddlers make me fuckin sick.
  8. IMPACT631

    IMPACT631 Top Dog

    Rest In Peace
  9. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

    RIP Mary. Very sad.
  10. jumper3202

    jumper3202 Big Dog

    Rest in peace mary
  11. QVO RIP

    QVO RIP Pup

    May you rest in peace Mary and glad your last days were spent with lots of love all around you.
  12. MadEli

    MadEli Pup

    Damn I just saw this RIP Mary Jane last living daughter of Russ' Buck. Did all dogs get taken?
  13. BA08/15

    BA08/15 Big Dog

    *sigh* poor old girl... r.i.p.
  14. Buck E. Owens

    Buck E. Owens Banned


    That is Sad!!
  15. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    R.i.p mary.:(
  16. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    this is very sad
  17. kera5

    kera5 Big Dog

    RIP MARY,what a way to go,in a shelter:mad:
  18. luge

    luge Big Dog

    In a word sickening. Thank god the old girl was shown some compassion in her final days. RIP

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    RIP mary does anyone know where they took this dog from b/c from what ik tg takes care of his dogs could b wrong tho:confused:
  20. Pitboyz08

    Pitboyz08 Pup

    Please know Mary was confiscated Kennel Investigation fight bust in Florida a kennel by the name of Final destination kennels. SHe was microchipped to Mr Garner but this definately NOT a Garner yard..how she ended up in this hell hole is still a mystery. Please see the other thread on her and you will see the "wonderful"life she suffered through..I am still very disappointed that more GD people didnt step up to the plate to help her out because she DESERVED BETTER !!! However as sad it was that she died at the shelter she knew love and compassion probably for the first time in our care ..she was a funny ole gal who will remain in my heart as well as all her shelter keepers hearts forever !!

    sad lesson as to what happen to brood bitches though ....they deserve better!

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