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Gr Ch Shady Lady v Anyone

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by The Keep Book, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. DJordan22

    DJordan22 Pup

    Sorry for the mixup, it was Tornado he was after.
  2. che

    che Top Dog

    I readed al with a lot off passion, all the dogs you guys did mentioned were great dogs in their time. One was better than other ! One thing is sure we will never know who would be the winner when they were facing each other.
    We can just suggest by comparing their shows and opponents. Gr Ch queen off hearts , bad rose marry are my favoriets too. Absolutely great dogs, but i want to talk about now, the next dogs i will post ! They are definitly one off the best dogs i have seeing in this Area last years.

    Gr Ch chigra


    Ch gabrialdi


    Both dogs did meet the best dogs from their are.

    The next dog i Will post , he is not my favoriet i would not keep him, he didnt make it after his last show, he is not the smartest one, not much agility but he had his mouth. Last show he met an face nose dog. He did bite air until last minutes. He was also very weird, when u see him he makes you think he can quit Every minute, he Made turn in his Every show. But he had absolutely great mouth

  3. che

    che Top Dog

    Ricky jones is not the first one and the last one.
  4. Queen Of Hearts with the win, Bad Rosemary was beatable she lost
  5. che

    che Top Dog

    Bad rosemaryy
    Lost against a male. Stupit action
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  6. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    I'd take hands candy over shady lady or queen....
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  7. Read ur pos
  8. I read ur post on Shady Lady.Though no one seems to know it these days Shady Lady was half mine b4 Jones sold her and many other dogs I had interest in without telling me or giving me any money .Homer,Spookie,Bad Becky Shady Lady and many pups off Sundance who I owned outright.I was doing federal time when Jones was.busted.I let him have my entire yard when I went down.I owned a 4 time winner outright named UNC.I believe all his opponents were champions.Jones told me he died after his fourth match.I was later told Jones sold him to a guy n Holland for 40 grand.The guy offered me 10 for him after he won his second and I turned it down.I look around but I don't see any thing about him.Maybe someone knows about this dog.I believe he would have known by all if I would have let him have half interest in him.All that was.a long time ago.I read in a Tenn. Paper a couple years ago that Jones died.I don't know it 4 sure.I was never able to find him after 09 when I was released.
  9. I envy you sir.I owned half of.Shady Lady and half of Bad.Becky.But never got to see either of them go.All I have is.the memory of the conversations me and Jones had concerning those two.Jones told me she (Shady Lady) was the best female he had ever seen with (Bad Becky) running a close second.I bought Sundance with the intention of using him as a.stud.dog to the many Buster females I had.Then the opportunity to buy Homer arose and I hurried up to go to Mtn Mans place to pick him up.It was my intention to breed Homers daughter's to Sundance and Sundances daughter's to Homer.My intentions went to hell but then the opportunity came along to breed.Sundance to Spookies sister Spider Bitem.The results are chronicled and there aren't many dog men that don't know the results.If it was in my power I would have bred Homer to Shady Lady.But it was not.to be.I can only think of what I lost and the dogs that could have been for me and.the game dog fraternity.These days and times I don't know where I could find a pup that has any of those dogs in its pedigree.If anyone wants to reach out grump1492@gmail.com is where to find me.
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  10. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Top Dog

    Why pos? Call someone a piece of shit isn’t very nice

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