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Hi new to everything

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by CodyScott, Nov 13, 2023.

  1. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    A lot of good information here. Thanks

    My 2
  2. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Looks like some we'll taking care of young dogs.
  3. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

  4. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    Thank you very much!
    Thank you!
  5. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

  6. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member


  7. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    Thank you!
    I have way more questions than answers, but here to contribute positively. Here for my dogs Thanks
  8. mistabonz

    mistabonz Top Dog

  9. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It can be a great place to start and learn but can't replace actually talking to people (for the most part)

    Good luck with your dogs.

    My best advice is to sell both the dogs, go to the pound and save two shit eaters.

    These dogs can be an addiction.

    Revelator and CodyScott like this.
  10. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve just gone fishing . Or set up a yard first.
    Revelator likes this.
  11. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    Still hanging on.

    Crazy, the guy that steered me in this direction doesn’t like that I have these dogs. He hung up on me which is fine - he was undermining their significance to me - telling me I’m wrong about pretty much everything. He has 7 dogs that are good dogs, and I appreciate that he got me this far, but it pisses me off I guess. He always claims his are pure bred gamedogs, when they are really inbred mixed breed. Good nice dogs though. I wanted nice dogs like his bottom line

    The reason I got APBT was a YouTube channel Maddogsandenglishmen? and it reminded me how much I like those dogs.
    I found Tom Garner’s name in the comments and called him that day and drove out that night from Florida to see if I could get them.
    I was in the process of trying to get an English Staffordshire and canceled that on the way up.
    Before that, I went to shelter to get an old depressed dog and the fuckers were cruel and I flipped out on them.

    I was in the Army 2006-2012. 3/160th SOAR(A). MH47G Mechanic and Technical Inspector. Their motto is “Night Stalkers Don’t Quit!” It was pretty hardcore every day.
    It struck me that gamedogs don’t quit either, but I’m not thinking I got something on them because training. My first 3 weeks with these dogs was 10 times harder than SERE (C).

    I am totally winging it with these dogs. They are okay for now. Taking care of them is easy, trying to figure them out is brutal
    david63 likes this.
  12. "Mad Dog" Are you talking about this guy here with the badass Chico Lopez collar on his ?

    He seems very intelligent about dogs. I actually switched to Chico Lopez collars myself because I found Chico Lopez collars support the APBT structure best
    CodyScott likes this.
  13. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    He has good information for sure
  14. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    So you have mixed breed dogs from the guy who hung up on you or Tom's dogs?
  15. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    From Tom Garner.
  16. Wildrose

    Wildrose Pup

    What litters they out of?
  17. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    Boy is from CH Kemosabe & La Fonda
    Girl is from Haystack ROM & Miss Biscuit II
  18. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    So the guy who got you interested in dogs has mixed breed dogs? You decided to get Tom's dogs. You called him and then he hung up on you lmfao
  19. chili

    chili Big Dog

    Congrats on the pups man. Hope you you have a great time with your dogs.
  20. CodyScott

    CodyScott Pup

    The dog guy is long story. He was ”helping” me with the dogs at first (over the phone) and I think it helped, but he really didn’t want to hear any details about my dogs. Especially anything that made them better than his.
    Good riddance.

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