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Hoosier APBTC (IN) ADBSI June 25, 2011

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by chaser71, May 20, 2011.

  1. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    Just thought you all might want to know there will be an ADBA show June 25th,2011 in Lebanon,Indiana at the Boone County fairgrounds

    Hoosier APBTC (IN) ADBSI
    June 25th,2011
    Location: Boone County Fairgrounds
    1300 East 100 South
    Lebanon, IN 46052-9634

    The Hoosier APBTC will host 2 conformation shows and 1 weight pull in one day at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, IN.

    For further information please call Terry 765-883-7616, John 765-620-1416 or Jennifer 765-623-0957

    Saturday AM - Ronnie Ewing
    Saturday PM - Joe Daly . ​
  2. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Top Dog

    whatre the times?
  3. hardluck

    hardluck Banned

    Im gonna be there booooyyyyyy!
  4. hardluck

    hardluck Banned

    probablly 12ish maybe, Im gonna be there for the 12-18 month class. hopefully i place 1st lol. I've been getting my dog ready for that show.....
  5. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Top Dog

    good luck!
  6. hardluck

    hardluck Banned

    Thanks im sure there are gonna be some nice looking dogs there. I hope i place with him lol. I called recentlly and sign ups are 7-9 and the show starts at 10:00 if anyone is wondering. I hope it is a nice show out next week. Its better placing your dog and you win when there are alot of dogs to go up against than if there werent alot. Im sure some can agree, but those are the times.... you might wan to double check, but those are the times i was given.
  7. AmberH

    AmberH Big Dog

    I'm looking at my flyer right now and it does say 7-9 am for registration, 9-11 am for weigh in, and shows start at 10 am. Weight pull starts at 11 am.

    Unfortunately I won't be making it out this year. Good luck to everyone who goes and keep us updated with how you do.
  8. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    On my way now! Dogs are already signed up can't wait !
  9. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    Great day for the kids so far [​IMG]
  10. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    Kids picked up a 2nd & a 3rd to finish the day.So one 1st a 2nd & 2 3rds! Great job kids !
  11. elizabeth

    elizabeth Pup

    Had a great time! My girls took 1st and 2nd in the am show! :)
  12. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    We had a great time. The weather was great and it was great seeing old friends as always.

    Bronson took 2nd in the pm show in Champions class
    Badonkadonk (Katy) took 1st in am show
    Colonel James got shut out :(
    Psycho-Billy Cadillac took 1st in 4-6 male puppy class and Best Puppy. Ronnie Ewing announced he almost gave him best of show before handing out the trophy to the winner :)
    Roller Girl (Lolita) took 2nd in am show

    Here is a shot of Bronson from the afternoon
  13. AmberH

    AmberH Big Dog

    He's a good looking animal, as always. :)

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