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I Cant Believe This

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by TruPitLver, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. TruPitLver

    TruPitLver Big Dog


    NOLEFAN Guest

    We certainly don't have a shortage of idiots do we! How can we report these people?
  3. TruPitLver

    TruPitLver Big Dog

    Apparently ppl at myspace are on it. I wish that guy lived in FLA...Well actually it's prob best that he doesn't, I'd prob be spending a lot of time in jail if he did. You all catch my drift?!!?!!?!!
  4. jankab

    jankab Top Dog

    I cannot view myspace from work... whats it all about?
  5. Mercepitdog

    Mercepitdog Big Dog

    Yikes, thats disturbing
  6. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Cant get on myspace right now. Is it about the guy who does home-grown crop jobs?
  7. Miss Conduct

    Miss Conduct CH Dog

    i cant see either, whats up??
  8. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    Dude has pictures of his dog getting its ears done... in a GARAGE. Supposedly its a vet doing a favor for a family friend or something. Either way, the guy is a moron.
  9. jankab

    jankab Top Dog

    Theres no cure for stupid.
  10. nlgordaz

    nlgordaz Pup

    Thats terrible. I hope they find him.
  11. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

    i guess im in the minority here, but the dog is sedated and it appears they know what they are doing as far as a medical standpoint. i admit it is a garage and not the cleanest place but for christs sake they arent doing a major operation. cropping ears isnt hard, it is a very basic procedure i guess all the animal rights petbull owners here think you should have to pay the vet at least a hundred bucks plus meds to get the job done, sorry ive stiched up dogs and done other basic medical procedures and im proud to say a lot of the time i dont have to go to the vet like most morons that dont know shit about taking care of dogs.

    the ONLY objection i have is the dog looks too old, but hey, who the am i to judge anyone else or thier yard? mind your own.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 7, 2006
  12. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

    He is an idiot. I seen people on another forum talking about this.
  13. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

    You call us morons because we would rather have our vet do a procedure than some idiot who thinks he can do it himslef.
  14. jankab

    jankab Top Dog

    Someone taking their dog to the vet does not make them a moron...
  15. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    Whew! That makes me feel better. Just went to the vet yesterday!;)
  16. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

    apparently he does know what he is doing. the crop job looked pretty good and yes i do think a lot of people are morons that dont know one thing about medical care and waste thier money.

    i had an accident a few months ago. a huge hole was ripped out of this females shoulder. i cut off tissue that would have dies anyway, cleaned it, and then stapled it up. administered antibiotics and it was healed in a week.

    maybe i should have been a moron and let the vet do it for a few hundred bucks, eh?
  17. People who trust a doctors abilities over their own aren't morons, but i agree with game-test....if you own this breed, it'd be well worth the effort or training to learn a few basics about animal care, medicine, and simple principals of small surgical operations, administration of meds and antibiotics and such.

    14rock likes this.
  18. jankab

    jankab Top Dog

    Well said...
  19. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    <---- Still learning veterinary care type of information. As of right now, the vet is my best bet. Though my mother (ex vet-tech) does help me out occasionally.
  20. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    I'm in the middle. Since I don't know loads on veterinary medicine, my best bet would always be to take my dog to a vet & spend the money. It's worth it, for me at least.

    For simple things, such as smaller wounds, mild infections, etc., I can handle those on my own. But I wouldn't dream of sedating my own dog and cropping it's ears. If I really wanted that prodecure done, I would take the dog to the vet.

    However, if the man knows what he's doing, and he can probably preform the procedure, then I see no problem with it (Other than the fact that the dog is rather old to be getting a crop)
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