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Is everyone starting a blood line?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by SEAL, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    It seems to me that now everyone is trying to put there spin on the APBT. I see so many new kennels that i dont think a phone book would hold them all. Why is it that every feels like they should start a blood line? To me this is like trying to break into the auto industry in the US we've got what works and there really isnt a need for anything else. There are a lot of wana bes that seem to come and go.

    Is it just because they are in popular demand right now? Does any one else have any insight to this.

    I feel that there enough good lines out there that many people think just because they raised a couple of dogs off of some good stock they should rename them and consider themself a kennel. To me this just doesn't make sense. You are building off of someone else's proven stock and im not to sure that many of these folks have IMPROVED anything.
  2. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Its just another way for them to gain respect and ego 99 % of the time.
  3. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    yes, but where do you think those good lines /kennels got their dogs from? they started with good proven stock from other proven bloodlines. they proved what they had, bred and raised /tested/culled over and over litter after litter for themselves, not for fame, money, because they have "people who want pups from my dog". Thats the big difference. A good breeder doesnt start a bloodline because there's a demand for their dog or because they think this and that will produce great pups ..they start their bloodline by proving what they have, breeding them, testing and proving them, then improving and testing until
    Just because a kennel advertises they have a "bloodline" doesnt make it so. 10 dogs from various lines bred a few hundred times doesnt consitute a bloodline.. Many of those kennels start on the journey but fail to have the experience, money, time and patience to fully achieve their own bloodline..all they do is ruin someone elses hard work.
  4. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    thats what im saying rock most ppl that deserved to have a line named after them sorrells boudrouex colby put decades of work into their dogs and probly never went commercial or public for 10-20 years. everyone is in a hurry no one comes out and says i have 20 dogs on the yard and 18 of them are titled certified etc
    they got 2 dogs and now they are something. wtf is that about.
    its like being a new nfl team winning three bowl games and being a legacy no your an upstart and have yet to really prove anything.
  5. Defend2DaEnd

    Defend2DaEnd CH Dog

    I agree with you Seal. Too many "breeders" are breeding their pets and calling themself a kennel. Some people shouldn't even be allowed to breed.
  6. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    I have issues with ppl breeding their dogs period,,no matter what breed ya have it better be top quality,,but all bloodlines have to come from somewhere,,just like any other breed.
  7. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    they have and wouldnt most agree that we have quality blood lines allready? Do we really need to re invent this animal with new and improved dogs?

    What are these new breeders brining to the table?

    How many Solid New blood lines are out there?
  8. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    yeah,,I know what your talking about,,breeding should be all about bettering the breed,,if it ain't broke....
  9. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    I personally knew guys down in N.O. that had man eaters that they bred bcs they thought that made for better fighting dogs or some crap like that. Look how crazy he is oh man i got to get a pup off him. Where personally had i owned that dog it would have gotten a walk out back and a last meal.

    The more people i meet the more i agree with simms in the fact that many people shouldnt own animals let alone large dogs. Heck i dont think some of the people i meet should have children but ya know.
  10. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    LOL,,hey,,I told one of my friends that she was to stupid to own a dog,,I see ppl everyday their own dogs are biting them! my friend has to cats now
  11. Defend2DaEnd

    Defend2DaEnd CH Dog

    Does she want another cat??? I have a Siamese and we don't like each other. He pooed in the shower while I was in there!
  12. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    OMG too funny!!!! At least my cat waits until I get out of the shower! [​IMG]

    BTW, my guy is a Siamese mix. Wonder if the Siams just like poo'ing in showers???
  13. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    not to get off subject,,but if a cat isn't using the litter box,,it is ALWAYS a medical problem,,they don't plot,,and say " I am going to make this person mad and doodoo in the shower" it is their way of telling you something is wrong,,common with doodoo outside the litterbox is usually anal glands,,common,,inappropriate urination is bladder infection,,did it squish between you toes?
  14. To me it's a big pyramid scam. When I first got into APBT a while back I wasn't dreaming of breeding them are anything like that all I wanted was a pure bred dog. After I recieved my first APBT I feel in love with the bred and the history around them. I read everything I could get my hand's on, but unfortunaly the only people that I came into contact with this info were people that were breding them. Everytime I turned around I was told if I bought one of thiers I could make money off the pup's and so on and so on. Me being the ripe age of 23 figured that hey this city needs someone that breed right and make sure the puppy's don't die and stuff. Well I couldnt have been more wrong. My reason's for breding over the years has changed and my opinion about who bred's these dog's for money has changed alot also. Right now the only thing that I bred for is myself and some friend's. I hate it. Right now I have 8 grown APBT and this for me is alot to give the time and to work with them is hard enough while having a full time job but at the same time I wouldn't give any of them away. About 6 months ago my females had come into heat at the same time so instead of leaving them out side and having just any ol dog wounder up and bred them(or try never has happened) we put them inside in crate's I work at night so my wife usualy let's the dog's out in the afternoon. She took her eye's off of my female Storm for a minute and she got locked up with Taz SO we had to deal with another litter. Found good homes for them none really from here even though I did advertise on another web-site. That's my reason for putting that in there. Anyway's Im rammbling, I bred for myself not to make everyone else happy. Also abother thing I have noticed about people when they get into these dog's and start to get into the peds it's kindda like when I was in Jr. high when everyone was trading baseball cards, but instead of trading your breeding. I even have a web-site that my nephew did for me a while back it has a kennel name but I dont reg. as a kennel. But to answer your question about why is everyone starting their own bloodline, I dont think so they may be trying but in the end that first dog that they bought for all that money will still be the same blood 10 years from now. People will always use the great dog's to describe their own dog's, example "my dog's are 3/4 jeep crossed with 1/8 redboy and an 1/8 of Zebo so they got some mouth". Just my opinion but it's what I see.
  15. Rockstar

    Rockstar CH Dog

    A breeder should always strive to improve the quality of his dogs. There should always be a purpose for every breeding, other than "Oh, I have two Jeep dogs. I'm going to produce more Jeep dogs." Competition drives an increase in quality. The sporting competitor must produce better dogs than his competition if he's to have any hope of winning. If I add ten more Jeep dogs to the vast pool that's already out there, how is that going to be of benefit to me or the breed? Why do you suppose most people will choose a dog with a pedigree full of winners and ROM titles over a dog without? It's because the ancestors of the first dog were proven to be better than those they competed against, thus improving the odds of this dog to be of a higher quality than the next guy's. But...if 5000 other dogs have pedigrees that look a lot like yours, then you have yourself nothing more than an average-bred dog. A breeder should never be content with that, unless his sole purpose is the preservation of a line. Of course, while I'm busy preserving a line, the competition is going to be kicking my ass with their "new and improved dogs.";)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2006
  16. Wayne

    Wayne Big Dog

    I only breed quality dogs I have gotten from well known Old Timers.I`m not in it to make mony just quality bull dogs.If I get some recignition from it down the line that would just be an added plus.I don`t believe in these fly by night kennels who breed for colors and fat house dogs for no purpose and sell for a $5,000 lap dog.
  17. Nigerino.com/

    Nigerino.com/ CH Dog

    Without putting out any kennel names what want be lines are there?
  18. What kind of recognition would you recieve? I mean If you already have "quality dog's" that you bought from some of the old timer's than you wouldn't really be doing any work that the "old timer's" already have. All you have to do is bred the dog's again and chances favor you that your going to get a better % of quality dog's because all the work has already been done.
  19. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    Lets not turn this into whose line is garbage. I dont like when people generalize like that. But there are some current lines that due to their popularity amongst the fad owners have become less than desirable in my mind. look around youll catch on to what im saying. rockstar as usual you nailed it.

    your reason should never be I do it for myself ( no offense as i did notice somone said this in their post), some things in life should be done for the GREATER Good.
  20. i think people are chasing a dream of becoming the next "R.E." the money dave has made off his own dogs is quite enough, but he also started a club called the "elite edge." if you are a member, you pay HIM $600 per year, and are advertised onthe E.E. site. there are something like 100 "kennels" on E.E. lets do the math. 600 X 100 = $60,000 per year. that's more than some of us make at our jobs. aspirations to make the easy money (as the founder of R.E. doesn't even breed anymore...rarely) and whatever "acclaim" or "street cred" is associated with it is what i believe people are after. that's why you get people who buy one or two dogs from a popular "kennel" and start calling themselves a "kennel" ...who's are gonna "change the game" and have "the nations next top stud." its a cycle that will eventually go away, when all of their dogs start to either die at birth or resemble troll-like english bulldogs with chronic debilitating health issues with life spans of 4-5 years. if the breed is here long enough....just wait and see.
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