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Is it better to get a dog from a big or small kennel

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Trouble, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Trouble

    Trouble Pup

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Any way my question is would it be better to get a dog from a person like TG or one of the very well know kennels in the country. Or someone with a smaller kennel. I hear crazy numbers like having 15 to 20 litters on the ground as appose to 3 maybe 4. Just wanted to hear what you all think. Thanks in advance
  2. magnoilaotis

    magnoilaotis Top Dog

    Good ones are where you find them. You could do worse than mr g. He does breed classy dogs. my advice is do alot of homework before buying a dog. Both small and large kennels sell crap and good ones.
  3. LuvMyBulldogs

    LuvMyBulldogs Big Dog

    IMO, you should try to get one from a private breeder. sometimes they let a pup or twp go when they dont have room or have too many males or females in a litter. Don't matter where they come from as long as they work.
  4. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    Well you can get good dogs from either type of situation.

    You just need to look everything over and make sure things are done right.

    You can have a man that has 100 dogs and produces quality consistently and all the dogs are cared for the right way. Then on the other side of things you can have a man that has a small kennel of about 10 dogs and doesn't know what he is doing, Produces garbage and can't care for the dogs efficiently.

    It all depends on the individual person and how they operate things.
  5. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    old timer hit it on the head it depends on the individual or individuals behind the dogs ive seen yards with 60+ dogs that were all nice, happy, healthy, and well socialized along with clean chain spots and good housing and consistently produces damn fine bulldogs

    and ive also seen yards with just a few dogs that had underweight dogs (not conditioned just underweight) chain spots covered with shit and raggedy ass dog houses thats never seen a "good one"

    you just gotta do your research


    Get one from someone you trust period. Whether big or small. Like magnoliaotis said, "good ones are where you find them." Good luck in your search!
  7. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    Its all depending what you what from the dog? You could always go get one from the pound .
  8. Stonegatekennel

    Stonegatekennel Big Dog

    Tg does produce vary good dogs and all his adult dogs are very nice I think if tg has the tipe of dog and blood your looking for you cant go wrong with him
  9. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    man behind the dog is the biggest factor. what they come from is next. size of a yard means nothing of the quality of dogs they produce.
  10. hardluck

    hardluck Banned

    Tom Garner has beautiful bred dogs that are conformation bred and true to the breed. Dont bash the man if the whole world wants his dogs, you would breed the amount of dogs he does if the demand was there yourself. His dogs are all over the world and not just local or within the state. Go with Garners and I am sure you would like it yourself.
  11. hardluck

    hardluck Banned

    Just be responsible with the breed you own and knowledge is key when dealing with this breed. Dont be a young punk with a dog like this because thats what we dont want especially with the laws that are placed on this breed. Learn everything about the dogs line you are going to get and by no means was i calling anyone on here a punk. My piece is over with DISMISSED
  12. dayair1

    dayair1 Premium Member Premium Member

    You said it perfect!
  13. nobody

    nobody Banned

    Big kennel, small kennel, it doesn't matter, quality is around depending on what you seek.
    For a working animal, it is about what a man know's and that goes over the amount of dogs he has.
    For a pet it's good to know he has healthy stock and in either situations the most important thing is, how do they house the dogs ?.
    I have learned if someone has a crappy set up and doesn't take good care of the housing, they are more likely to screw you over for a quick buck or give fake peds.

    Just like when you go out to eat and they do not have an open kitchen, check out the toilets first if they are not as clean as you like, do not place your order because they have the same standard of cleaning in the kitchen :cool:

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