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John Collins - drama thread

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by mccoypitbulls, Jan 25, 2022.

  1. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Hell he probably still got more merits than you do..o wait.you so underground.you can't even send a message, call. Meet up, nada. . Just a joke...and what you say about others..is.typicslly.true.of.you.
    A coat tail riding, back stabbing , joke in dogs nobody knows besides as a drama whore.
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  2. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Top Dog

    I can’t understand how y’all brothas don’t like each other and go at ! you brought him into your home that is the where you sleep ! The only time I let people over or showed people where i live is when Is used to have a tramp aka crack houses I don’t even show hoes where I live ,shit it even took years to show my baby mama where I lived for years I was like meet me at McDonald’s the next city over ! My circle isn’t big but I only have 1 partner and my home is always open to him ! Im sure there is good people out there unfortunately there is more scum than anything
  3. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Scum. He defines it.
    Trap house..hell I am in a trap state. But exit plan is very clear and in the works.

    Back to scum..
    Because he is a back stabbing price of shit. I also helped hel to get two dogs, both of which he failed to do anything with. He had big Camelot dogs prior to that, and when he was living at his Grammys hiuse. He could barely contain them ok propper ..clean their shit.
    After talking to him and helping him my best, he soon went on a pet transport project. Soon after that . I obliged to meet with him for us or dogs if mine he want to talk down on. He did nada. Made no proper arrangement. As I'd be happy to show him my stock. I'm sure he can call me a wannabe and say my is this or that. I have aquaintance and I have friends. I keep my worlds separate.
    For one being to my house, he sure act like a fuckin scum after that, when I gave him.nustovk and told him a lot about how I care for my dogs.
    I'm still do. I still need every dog he met.
    How many does he have.? How many has he ruined or wasted?

    Fuck him and all his petty troll handles.. he can come.see.me anytime or answer his damn messages I sent. Yella bellied and uses online drama to fuel his petty attempts at slanders.

    Now he wants to call Dex a chomo...
    Because someone lost 800$. Was it his friends money or his ..??
    I wanna see some.proof....
    He can't handle his business... He probably makin a new troll name as we speak . Lol
  4. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    The dogs I helped him get...one went back to breeder. The other. Not sure.
    Lime. I'm said. Scum. If anyone puts a dog in his hands now...well y'all see his credentials...
    O and I got pictures even videos of that fool "learning to pull weight" from.a.very tough competitive mentor he had, who he in turn also shit on. The mentor he as more mer in t.thsn J could even dream ok... Same shit to him.

    After the turn of events. He called himself from here and probably many. OTher places since then...being a yard boy for many people and then he will leave and talk shit about them.

    Having no yard of his own to show...or.dogs ..
    Classic scum. Worse than green..he is yella.. but probably a self proclaimed know it all...
    Anyone I know don't fuck.with him because he proved his self and worth..and gets no respect.
  5. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    That's why.
  6. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Top Dog

    Who Is this holocaust Charictor ? Is he some kind of nazi or are he grandparents some holocaust survivors!
  7. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    If I'm not mistaken he believes the Nazi were the 'good guys'.
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  8. chili

    chili Big Dog

    Another thread derailed by drama.

    TomJones, I see you bro and I appreciate the knowledge provided. Props to you man.
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  9. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    You had influence in 1 dog... the man eater that tried to eat you on dudes porch when we went to pick it up. Don't interject yourself in the whopper dog because Cumbersome(j's kennel name). I knew J for quite awhile before he introduced me to you at the wp.

    I did visit you a couple times. It was a decent time. But let be honest you had untouched dogs, and some adba gazette. Yes you did give me some nustock because i had a dog(the one from Cumbersome) with hot spots.

    Our issues started after I moved to the south, got bulldogs, and connected with ppl you spoke to a few times online. You were jealous. You started getting huffy and bitchy over the internet. YJJ before the past put you in check and you couldn't handle it. You started your feminine shit with we over it and I put the gods honest truth about you out there while you sat talking shit.

    You have never scratched a dog, been to a show, or started a dog in your life. We didn't just let you say what you want without saying something back and you've had a girly ass grudge since.

    And since you brought it up no one I ever fucked with in the dogs doesn't still speak to me. That's just facts. I was a "yard boy" for 1 person for a short amount of time. We had a parting of ways and they went off talking shit like they have with EVERY person who has helped them going back to the late 80s. Crazy I was just at their house a month ago. Met with smiles, hugs, and hours of catching up. So whoever you know that "won't fuck with me" never has so it doesn't affect me.

    I told you years ago when you were trying to get me to incriminate myself I don't match dogs. I have never matched a dog and wouldn't ever. But I don't run around talking about scratching and all the other bullshit you do.

    If a man not letting a feminine acting crybaby have the last word or run around lying made me scum I'm cool with that.

    And while you started all this because your feminine ways couldn't handle me posting without trying to start your high-school girl fight... remember I have told ppl to hit u up for pets and said you do take good care of your dogs they're just not what you try to act like yall are online.
  10. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    If a $7 tube of nustock and few bowls of resin made it to where I should never say anything while you're acting like a hormone ravaged girl online I apologize. I was raised to speak up and stand up.

    I'm scum because you started talking shit and I talked shit back. Tell it how it really is bro. It all started over you not knowing the story of Ed Eddington and someone who knew Ed correcting you. It's on this board for the world to see. A woman called you "little" your insecurities couldn't handle being corrected or called little and you attacked us both. We retaliated and you played victim. It's a cycle you've shown since I met you. It's a character flaw. I don't judge you for it I just don't co sign it so you're in a few years one sided war.

    I'm scum, no one likes me, you're Maurice carver reincarnated. Those dogs you got are all gr ch or better. Every one is multiple time gis and bis. You've scratched into the best of them....
  11. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

  12. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Here we got with the explanation. New name.to.tey to save some face. I have no idea who you run with nor do I care. If they wanna be around you feel privelage.

    You.have no idea about me. You had no clue when you were here. Glad to see ya go honestly.
    Moved to the south .or back to the south? He ell.yku full. Ok f so much lies you believe them.

    Ain't no huffy puffy nothin. Your a trash ass dude.who.likes.to.tslkmshotmtomothers online.
    You ain't scratched ..nor a dog would.for you. Because your a.cur.

    And moved to south to be around bulldogs. .. how's that going for ya?
    Ya typin just like.the shit ya say.. Incriminate. Then its highschool that. .
    Hafter ok reply to you a new name.same.ol shit typin...they I'll leave it a be to show all these people what ya a really.about.

    Well that is all a big 10-4
  13. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Speak up and stand up. More like type.and lie.
    Do I heard something different about the Eddington shit show. Who knew him or not?
    Didn't matter. There were stories on here that must have been rumors..
    It do t matter.to me. All those post are on a few pages down on the new post button. They just.csme.about last week or.somethin.
    Once.i seen how you act.online and are not the same.in person...that's when I decided to say ..fuck.him... truth.
    Being little. Hell.i say that about myself. .. means nothing. Your still a.big curr. Don't change shit.

    Played the victim ..yeah. like ya said I tried to incriminate you??

    Now back n forth. But yet.i have never been slapped or disrespectful until.someone.is to me.

    Fuck a"bro"

    ..us.a how.. like thst.song says...you's a.hoe..o. I said that.yous a hoe.
  14. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Shit pulling....he the more like the "creep".
    Type. Keep.jt.on the down low talk shit.then try call.ya bro..ffs

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