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Manbiters whats your opinion?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by rayne_terror03, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. i just recently read the post about DOA's Dracula and would like everyones take on manbiters. Would you breed a high ability manbiter? The next question is would you cull a low ability manbiter with excellent bloodwork?

    my answer is i dont keep manbiters too many liabilities, plus i have kids that play with my dogs so i will absolutly not have a manbiter, regardless of the situation!!:mad:
  2. bohawg00

    bohawg00 Big Dog

    No manbiters period!
  3. I personally don't like the idea of breeding one but If I see something about a dog I like I'm gonna breed it.

    the #1 producing male(Jeep) and female(Honeybunch) came from a man biter.

    Just cause a dog has bitten a person doesn't mean that their offspring will be human aggressive.If that were true then protection trained German Sheppard's that have been bred to other trained dogs over a period of time would eventually throw nothing but human aggressive dogs.Some traits are passed on and some aren't you gotta take the good with the bad,nothing is guaranteed.
  4. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    I would put it to sleep. Certainly never breed it. Too many innocent and good dogs (people too) have to suffer for the actions of a few. Long ago, before all of the bsl bull, maybe it would have been acceptable to keep one in some peoples eyes. Not me. I don't think all animals deserve to live. They are animals. Period. One reason I don't agree with no kill shelters. I used to work for one that was privately owned. The had a golden retriever in there that had bitten about 4 people before I came. It was 6 by the time I left (me being one). The dog should've been pts'd. He certainly had no respect for humans. If it was a apbt it would've been dead within the hour after biting someone. I don't believe in making excuses for bad behavior.
  5. moonshine

    moonshine Pup

    It depends by whose definition.My dog is territorial and I guarantee if you came over my fence he will bite you.Does that make him a man biter>if I invite you in he will lick your hand.
    When dogs are chained not let off often dont see many folk and on top of that you have a territorial dog that thinks he is invincible.Then when a stranger enters his space it could be considered he will get bit.
    I have done some bitework/schutzhund style training with a pit and she did well.I would do it again with the right dog.One that is stable good around people,calm and level.A dog that is aggressive towards everything and everyone and snaps a lot should not live to breed.Bad genetics are just that.They come along every now and then in every breed but I wonder how many dogs have been ruined or euthanased by those that really dont now what they are looking at.As much as the APBT is a lovable dog and good with people there are plenty that are willing to protect and still are loyal faithful stable dogs.Just my 2 cents.
  6. ColbyDogs

    ColbyDogs Top Dog

    I am on the fence, there is a difference between a dog that has bitten and those that are hell bent on attacking unprovoked. Every dog has a breaking point and often times people over step those boundaries and get bit while some dogs are just born mean and nasty and bite due to ill temperment.

    An ill temepered dog I would put down in a heartbeat, while if a normally good natured dog bit I would question and look for the motive behind it and base my next moves off of my findings.
  7. zarna

    zarna Big Dog

    if the dog is timid and nervous around people, and shows aggression. yeh should be culled. there are enough fear biters around at the moment (In all Breeds).
  8. zarna

    zarna Big Dog

    I agree colby dogs all dogs will bite at some point. just depends on the situation .
  9. TheVictor22

    TheVictor22 CH Dog

    I say no manbiters. Unfortunatly i have recently one of the lines I have takin a likin to has multiple man biters (Virgil dogs). So I have recently hit a cross roads for this very reason.

  10. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Although APBTs typically do not bite people, any dog of any breed will bite a person under certain circumstances. Like any dog, an APBT should always be supervised around young children. Many people, when talking about a pit bull, will call a dog that bites an individual a "man-biter." A man-biter will go after man like another animal with all intent to take it out. At least 99.99% of APBTs will not attack a human, but many display protective instincts and will defend their family and/or property. Humans are most always the ones to blame when a dog bites someone - they have failed in some way, but refuse to take blame for their inability to properly raise, house, and train their pets correctly. It is always easier to blame the dog, its breed, or its genetic makeup, than to take responsibility, train them correctly from day one, and should a problem arise, seek professional help. It is the irresponsible owners who have allowed accidents to happen which could have been prevented, and are now threatening to destroy the pit bull breeds.
  11. 40lbRed

    40lbRed Big Dog

    I have a human aggressive GSD and would not ever want someone else to have to have a dog like her. She wasn't bred to another dog and should NEVER have been bred.
  12. prpitdawg

    prpitdawg Top Dog

    human agression is only acceptable on my yard under one condition: protection of my family. anything else is grounds for the dog to be put down. agression toward children, any child, is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. no dog is worth the safety of my children. as for being genentic i've heard some say it is and some say it's not. i haven't ever been put in the position to find out.
  13. undamineknls

    undamineknls Banned

    a dog that just want to bite anything that moves or a person. is not a dog to own. a biter out of protection is ok
  14. rooster

    rooster Banned

    so does anyone here actually believe as well as bad owners there are in fact just bad dogs (of any breed). Like that American serial killer Geoffrey Darma (may of got the name wrong). I saw this program and his parents seemed to be really good parents. Hitler's parents didn't seem that bad either. My point is that sometimes there are justr bad people right ? Great parents, good upbringing (Ted Bundy another one) but just become bad people. The same sometimes for some dogs, no ? Just curious about replies on this one.
    Yeah most of the time it is the owners fault but not always right. Two German shepherds used to live near me, they were from the same lines and the same owner. One dog was vicious and hated everything and anyone, but the other was friendly!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2009
  15. mastiffsj

    mastiffsj Big Dog

    agreed 100%
  16. prpitdawg

    prpitdawg Top Dog

    i don't know about anything being born bad. i think they are most likely products of their environment. the trauma that causes insanity could have come after their parents' had raised them and sent them off into the world. i believe jeffrey dahmer's psychosis had something to do with chocolate santas. i could be thinking of a different serial killer, but that would be an example of the trauma coming later in life. i believe he worked somewhere that made chocolate santas and that's where the trauma came from, again i could be thinking of someone else. i'm not saying it's not possible to be "born bad". i think sometimes anything could be born with an abnormality in the section of the brain that controls impulses. i'm just saying with humans, and dogs, i think it's more likely environmental. jmho
  17. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    IMO I will tolerate protectiveness but will not under any circumstances allow viciousness in a ApBT... A truly game dog is one of perfect mental balance, capable of handling extreme stress full situations with out going buck wild and freaking out. What happeneds when a dog or any other breed gets into a scrap? THEY FREAK THE F*€# OUT and will bite anything and everything.. A well bred ApBT has focus and will not freak out and bite unless you stick your hand in it's mouth.... HA in a ApBT is a sign of mental instability thus a flaw in that dog of this breed, because this breed has been bred for the opposite attitude over many many years. We want a stable dog that handles stress very well and a man eater simply does not. Now for this same reason man eaters were seen as currs and culled at first sign.

    Now with other breeds I have a dobbie and expect her to be a man eater. It's in her gene makeup and has been bred for to be mentally stable HA is normal....

    Breed best to best and only keep the best to breed back to the best that you have or can find. Be honest in the dogs and you'll have honest dogs.
  18. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    Being born bad 100% plausible, dogs are born with defects all the time due to genetic problems... A bad dog's defect could be in his head, or genes still a defect and all defect need to be removed from the gene pool.
  19. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    indeed there ARE bad dogs, born of their own accord-not flawed at the hand of man.

    to me personaly there are levels, and with most dogs you can tell if they are going to bite-they DO give warning signs, its up to you to be able to read the dog.
    i have 1 dog that some would define as a "manbiter", but truth betold-he is just a bit mouthy and getting better as he matures
    now a manfighter has no business being fed or bred, i dont care if it craps piles of gold-not worth the risk you take to create/collect those piles...and if its those piles you are after-you are in it for the wrong reasons imho
  20. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    In my professional opinion as a trainer there are dogs that are not wired in the brain right. Normally theses are not fear bitters, these are dogs that will be bite unprovoked. I have seen a few APBT's like this but most times it's other breeds. I see it allot in Labs and Dalmatians with this. After a temperament test if I find that in the dog I recommend putting it down.

    Fear bitting is another whole subject. I will put down an APBT that is a fear bitter in heart beat. I am not talking about a cornered scared dog that will bite, I'm talking about a dog that will run up and bite you usually when your back is turned. This is also a dangerous dogs to have and if It's a APBT that is the wrong temperament that I am looking for. Again something about the dog is not wired right.

    Some dogs are a products of their environment. Some behavioral problems are caused by irresponsible owner. If a dog is not socialized or abused it can become fear aggressive or just vicious.

    I have 2 APBT's that will take a chunk out of your ass if you come onto my property and don't belong there. I would never put those dogs down, they are protecting my property and my family.

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