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Myspace List

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mr Mark, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. So they weren't dogmen then?
  2. Oh I dunno....try me.
  3. Well well well....it seems my list has been removed. Such valiance all of you have shown. And I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your warm welcome and your kind words. BEFORE WE GET THIS STARTED....

    I am perfectly willing to talk to anyone about anything dealing with any issue....but the first time I feel like a bait dog....Im gone. So choose your words wisely...its kind of foolish that I should even have to say that....because I know how warm and loving you all like to be....but I like to start off with us all being on the same page.

    So with that being said....who's first?
  4. LadyRampage

    LadyRampage Top Dog

    Guess that would be me....lol First I have a question, since I am just now reading this thread, did you have me on your list of myspace irresponsible APBT owners? I have had a myspace page, which I rarely go to, but occasionally update the pics on to show my friends. I am LadyRampage on myspace as well as here.

    To be honest I clicked on your blog that was posted but only skimmed through the info, but have the over all impression that you consider yourself a breed advocate, and hey I have no problem with someone who is fighting to help us keep our dogs.

    The problem everyone has had is a list of myspace profiles YOU considered "classless" without contacting many of those people directly.

    Do you honestly think that because an APBT is on a chain the owners are irresponsible?
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 6, 2008
  5. CynthiaATL

    CynthiaATL Guest

    There was no dogman named ELI BEUDREAUX. Eli was a dog.
  6. LadyRampage

    LadyRampage Top Dog

    BTW, I was still going over your blog and noticed the links to some sites you had problems with, and frankly the Classic Pitbull site is horrible. I agree with you on that one 100%.. They are actually PROUD that they have "killer" pitbulls that are "what the media writes about" and are breeding and selling pups off these females...oh but they are going to screen the new owners..

    And get this... they don't register with AKC, UKC, or ADBA because "our Bloodline (Classic) is extremely controversial (Human Aggressive)" sooo they have their own registry.

    Wow.. you know I might not agree with the same things you do but we are on the same page with that one... lol

    And if the owners of Classic Pitbulls are on this site... SHAME ON YOU for that site, promoting HA...
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 6, 2008
  7. nc_pitbullmommy

    nc_pitbullmommy Big Dog

    I couldn't read the page, the font and colors were making my head hurt......so chances are most people that see it will do like me. Close it.

    Word of advise if you are typing something you want READ don't use
    small red letters
    on a black background its virtually unreadable.

    Now as for your comments....calling someone a dog fighter without hardcore proof is just ASKING for a lawsuit. Being called a dog fighter is a death sentence to your reputation, your family and your dogs!

    Think before you speak! And know what you are talking about!

  8. LadyRampage...originally I believe your profile was private and I had found you through profiles I was DEFINITLEY suspicious of. Initially the last was compiled of what I was curious about and it was for my own reference so I could go back ONCE THOSE PEOPLE had added me. I cant remember whether you were originally on it so I could go back and look later but Im pretty sure I passed over you and I do remember thinking that your page seemed on the up and up. "classless"? Oh no no. I definitley was not talking about the people on the list. I have no idea what their level of class is....unless of course they were among those who persistantly tried to crucify me. lol. THOSE were the people I was disappointed in. Im disappointed because while Im not blameless....the feedback I got was not just negative but downright irate and hateful. I was called a "cunt", a "bitch", a "cur bitch in heat", a "crazy fuck", "animaniac", "fucking kook", "a douche bag", "stupid", "uneducated", "little girl"," cur snapper", a "piece of shit", an "asshole", and the rest I cant remember because my blogs were removed from myspace. You dont hurl insults at people ESPECIALLY if you are genuinley convinced they are "uneducated about the topic". How is it that you accomplish anything? You dont. I made efforts to try to keep people off the list that didnt need to be there. I removed people who I placed on the list, in a genuine investigative effort. Of course, as we all know....a was a great deal more of an issue then I could have ever forseen. But from the very beginning....some people just were more interested in preaching about biasm and how it is unfair and how I am hurting the breed. Im curious who actually looked through the entire list....and Im also curious and quite interested in the fact that no one mentioned the profiles that were obviously taking a toll on the breed for the worse....WE ALL ARE GUILTY OF PASSING JUDGEMENT. And I never said I was God. And I also never claimed to know everything....including that these people were without a doubt guilty. But people were so upset...even after they werent on the list....they let that blind them. They immediatley took up for the remaining profiles as though it was their own. YOU WILL NEVER MAKE A POINT if you cant control your anger and your tongue. Im amazed Im not turned off from pit bulls altogether because of all the hateful comments and messages. But then its like IM THE ONE who is not doing anything to help the breed. But when people are angry they lose their sense of self and how they are coming across to others. Its not difficult to have a debate or a discussion without hurling insults and threats. Which reminds me....when they saw i had a list under my blog which I really didnt plan on getting that much attention....they created an entire forum about me! Not about the issue or why it was not right but about me and how "bla bla bla" i am. They called me an attention whore because I had one picture on my myspace profile from my neck up....not really sure what that was about....but then they posted it just so they could make fun of me....and then when I take all these comments written ABOUT ME and post them on MY PAGE....they tell me I need to take them down, and how I am the one slandering them.....you see how disproportionate it all is. Something could have been accomplished before now if it had been handle the right way. I would have expected more from GROWN men who love a dog as great at the APBT...especially if they are trying to promote a positive image.
  9. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog


    First, welcome. Glad you could join us.

    Second, I have to go there. Paragraph breaks are your friend and mine. And with regard to the blog, I agree with what NC pitbullmommy said about red on black being very hard to read. I had to highlight all the text in order to see it without hurting my eyes.

    On the matter of judgement, no doubt people did judge you. When you call others out and indicate that you believe them guilty of felony acts, you're going to raise peoples' ire. Just to relate a little story, a friend of mine let me know one day that people on a forum somewhere were suggesting I was a dog fighter -- or at least a supplier of dog fighters -- because I was selling a carpet mill on Craigslist. Some had good sense and spoke in my defense, but I still felt compelled to go there and make my presence known, albeit a little hot-headedly. Considering the circumstances, I would've been well within the realm of normal human response to cuss some of them to high heaven.

    Yes, while there was judgement on both sides, consider this. You wouldn't be dragged from your home in handcuffs if someone reported you for being a crazy bitch or douchebag. On the other hand, if someone reported you for dog fighting, that's the kind of crap that can get your life ruined. To use your own example, Mr. Boudreaux had all his dogs seized and killed, and his case hasn't even gone to trial yet. So even if he is found innocent, he's already lost more than many of us can even imagine. He's in his 70s, and couldn't start over if he wanted to. And his reputation among those that would know wast that he hadn't been involved in anything illegal for 30+ years. From what I remember, they didn't even charge him with dog fighting, just breeding dogs that others would buy and then match.

    If this kind of roll would turn you off the breed, I'm sorry. I've lived with a pit-type of some description since I was 8 years old. When I was 17 and met the Internet, people slammed me left and right for being an idiot. I deserved all of it, and I learned from it. It made me a stronger person, and now even those who gleefully attack me would tell you if they were paying attention that I can't be scared off by words. If you're hoping to have a future in the breed, you have to toughen the hide. If words on a screen are that bad, what about when it's a close friend or member of your own family telling you what a rotten person you are for owning monster dogs?

    You called people out, and even if it was in a round-about way, you made accusations. You removed all that stuff, which is good. But no matter what, you had to expect ripples from your cast stone that would come back to you in a wave. Whether people were rude to you or not, the adult thing to do would be to accept accountability for your actions. Believe it or not, people have the capacity to forgive if you have the capacity to apologize and be more open-minded in the future.

    Just curious, who are "they" that created a forum specifically about you?

    So we can try and get this into a more educational vein, maybe you should list the things that you notice which clue you in to somebody being involed in illegal activities. You seem to have an issue with the chains for starters, so maybe some of our more experienced members can, ah, diplomatically expound on the virtues of keeping a high-drive APBT responsibly contained. ;)
  10. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    One last thing. Are you the same Oliveah that makes breed videos on YouTube? This one is in my favorites:


    I took most of my vids off YT, except the ones I made for other people. As what was likely fallout from that idiotic treadmill ordeal on the other forum, people flagged a treadmill video I'd made, and YT pulled it. So I took all my vids elsewhere. Screw 'em. :p
  11. JuckingFerk

    JuckingFerk Big Dog

    Here in America we have a justice system that says you are innocent until proven guilty. Right now there is a man who has been raising APBT for most of his life. His name is Floyd. Floyd had his kennel and his house raided because he is accused of being a dog fighter at present time. I'm not saying the man has never matched a dog, it is a well know fact that he has, before 1976 when it was legal. Soon as the "Humane" Society confiscated his "contraband" they were destroyed. Now I call them contraband because that is the statute under the law that allows them to murder his animals while the court proceedings are going on. This way they don't pay to feed and shelter his animals that they have taken.

    His arrest came from finger pointing with no real evidence, just suspicion. A mans whole world turned upside down because someone believed he was doing something he should not be. This case has been going on since March 9, 2005. For some reason the case keeps getting put off over and over by the prosecution. Some speculate that they don't have enough evidence to get a conviction, so they take a away a 72-73 years old mans right to a speedy trial as well by delaying. Some thing they are hoping he dies before it goes to trial. Floyd maintains his innocence that is why it is going all the way to trial.

    This seems to be the M.O. of the HSUS. Get someone to recklessly point fingers at people so they can raid their kennels and murder their animals. The same thing just happened to Pat Patrick in Arizona. The twist to this is Mr. Patrick is fighting back and suing for 10,000 a dog that was taken and destroyed. I personally hope he wins both his criminal and civil cases. That might slow their roll a bit.

    Another similar case happened here in Michigan to a member of my ADBA club here in Michigan. Hunters wandered on to his land found his dogs and called the HSUS. They raided his kennel, his house, took all of his dogs and froze his assets. He was charged with several felonies including dogfighting. The only thing is was found guilty of was 3 counts of animal cruelty. That stemmed from 3 dogs that the HSUS destroyed.

    One dog was born severely cow hocked and hard a time walking around. This dog was his daughters favorite dog, that is why he never had the dog put down. The other 2 counts where dogs that were severely underweight by the HSUS standards. Were the dogs underweight? Yes. Why where they underweight? Because they were affected by tainted Diamond brand dog food and he was nursing them back to health. He had been trying to save those dogs and the HSUS changed him with cruelty because he did not have them put down.

    I know you think what you are doing is noble cause, but all you are doing is propitiating the witch hunt that is on in this country right now. You are causing more damage then good with your blind accusation. Just because someone raises game lines, not blue hippo mixed breed mutts does not make them a dog fighter. Just because someone uses large chains with both contain and exercise the dog does not make them a dog fighter. Just because someone is responsible and tethers their animals with 2 inch collars to insure the dogs will not roll out of them and create a yard accident does not make them a dog fighter. You need to educate yourself. You need to realize that every dog kennel they raid has negative impact on our breed. The media is in the business of getting people to watch so they spice up their reports with claims of dog fighting. The general public sees these "fighting dogs" as vicious animals so their negative perception is just reinforced.

    I know you really think you are helping, but you are not. You just keep the shit-storm swirling and that makes it harder and harder on every bulldog owner.

    Ferk out
  12. Stillwater

    Stillwater Top Dog

    I hope she has plenty of money for lawyers and stuff, because I know of one person who has already contacted his lawyers, and he is going to sue her for slander, libel, and defamation of character, for insinuating he is involved with dogfighting.

    It doesn't matter is she deletes it know or not. Everything has been saved by multible sorces, (Third parties) to use in case thats going to be filed against her.
  13. Who will be sueing me? Seems like an awful big waste of time considering A: Im broke and B: The list and all the controversial blogs are down. And I dont see someone who was taken off the list when they asked, as being much of a case. As well as the fact that my blog had a disclaimer....and people came to those conclusions on their own. I mean...sueing me for using the word dogfighting? I said what in my opinion many of those profiles were guilty of and I also said that it was not pointing to people as being guilty of dogfighting. And who will retain my personal information? And what exactly is it going to accomplish because I can promise you you wont see a dime. Thats a lost cause. But whatever helps you sleep at night. And WAKE UP AND GET A GRIP PEOPLE!...This was not about chains. Or tredmills or Floyd Boudreaux...who in my opinion had it coming. Had he not built his success on something immoral and associated himself with people who fight their dogs and had a huge yard full of match dogs....then it would not have happened. And Im not sure what makes you think hes not guilty...no matter how upset you are about the injustice of having his dogs taken away....sounds like denial to me. Just becauase he was too old to fight his dogs doesnt mean that he wasnt advocating the sport.How many people saw the list in its entirety? And I cant count how many times Ive aplogized about anyone who mistakenly ended up on the list. People are bitter and angry or they need money desperately so they are attempting to sue me.
  14. LadyRampage

    LadyRampage Top Dog

    First thanks for the response, as well as a thank you for the other well phrased responses from the other longer members of the board.

    I completely understand what your goal was and is. Do I agree with the way you handled it? No, absolutely not. My reasons are just the same as the ones above. I could have just as easily been on your "list", especially since I actually have a picture of the type of breaking sticks I have at the house, not to mention the dogs I have pictured have chains on. Surely you understand why that list brought so much attention to your blog. You basically threatened, not only the owner of the page but their family, with legal actions. When it comes to our dogs it is widely known that you are guilty until proven innocent.

    I don't think I have seen this addressed yet, and if so I'm sorry for the duplicate questions, but how many APBTs do you own? Have long have you been involved with the breed?

    I actually understand what you are trying to accomplish, in fact admire that you have a passion for helping the APBT. I am sorry that you have had so many hateful names thrown at you, as well as what I am sure are some very threatening emails but surely you expected this. People become aggressive when they feel they are threatened, don't you? Some people respond intelligently others just lose their cool. As someone already mentioned when someone close to you or in your family comes down on you because of your dogs you'll react as well. I have family that continually look down on me because of my dogs and no matter how long I've had them or how much positive light I shed on them they are not changing their minds. I have a cousin who is chief of police in the small town I live near, and he has tried to ban APBTs in town for a few years now. Of course everytime I hear about anything starting up he knows I'm going to be a pain in his backside. At family gatherings we rarely talk.

    I hope you have learned that you are not alone in this cause. There are alot of breed advocates on this board, as well as all over the net, as well as those that shouldn't own these dogs. After trying to educate people for many many years I've started to pick my battles. Getting in little bits of education instead of swamping em with facts. I have learned that with those that are positive that APBTs are bad it is rare that you will sway them with aggressive ways if at all.

    K my head hurts..lol
  15. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Some one has to put the heat back onto these folks. Good luck to your friend!

    This is why ppl should not advertise publicy or even share with the world, about what they are proud of.

    Ppl like this are not on a mission of humanites. The intent is only of a witch hunt. If you dont meet the mold of what they would consider appropriate ....your labled as a dog fighter.
  16. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    No, they are attempting to try to put an end to the blanket slander people who own REAL pitbulls (if not gamebred, then from gamelines) have to put up with on such a regular basis.

    My experence has been, as far as I can gather that tradional, "fastlane", cajun rules dogfighting is pretty rare. Out of dogs from "fighting lines", registered with the AADR or ADBA, I say if 2 or 3 in 100 were ever matched that would not surprise me.

    But people like you try to represent anyone who owns a dog like this (lean, small, agile, true to standard) as involved in felony activities.

    Yeah, that is going to cause some very considerable, understandable anger.

    It is particuarly frustrating when someone who claims to be and thinks of themselves as a "breed advocate" in fact pursues an agenda that is in line with people working to wipe out the breed while lining their pockets.

    One of the reasons that there is such an outcry against dogfighting is that a number of organizations exgagerate the amount of (traditional) dogfighting going on. Why? In order to fund raise. If you have an evil you are "working to combat" then you can raise money off of that effort. And it works. Do you have any idea how much money the HSUS and PETA rake in? Hundreds of millions of dollars.

    And their methods are quite similar to yours. Portraying anyone with a true to type dog or a chain set up as a dogfighter. Now, I have ONE dog and she is a house pet and I can get my vet and others to vouch for me so I'm not so worried about myself. BUT, if I had say 5 dogs and kept them on a chain set up then I'd be VERY worried. Any my honest experence is that most folks with true to type dogs and or chain sets ups do NOT fight their dogs. Do some? Sure. But studying history has shown me that one of the greatest evils mankind is capable of is to try to solve all the worlds ills with too much intensity and fanaticism. It is a sure way to end up doing more harm than good. For example, accusing a large number of innocent people in order to "catch" a few guilty ones.

    Almost nothing is more dangerous than a true believer who has ceased to question their own assumptions. Just read my sig line.

    In the case of the HSUS and PETA, they don't claim to "love the breed" and are getting rich off of their slander. But you aren't, you just think you are fighting "the good fight".

    I'd argue that your efforts are misdirected. And that you are misinformed and have jumped to some very incorrect conclusions that you failed to ever examine and question.
  17. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    i was 21 once
    difference is i was only a few years into the dogs at that time, so i listened ALOT more than i talked.
    more should do the same
  18. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Good post, pennsooner!
  19. Where did I threaten to take legal action against anyone on that list? When did I encourage people to take legal action. These are ACCUSATIONS of something that I never did. Ive been threatened myself, but have not made any threats. In researching libel and defamation, its made clear that "in my opinion" protects me in my rights:

    "A defense recognized in most jurisdictions is "opinion". If the person makes a statement of opinion as opposed to fact, the statement may not support a cause of action for defamation. Whether a statement is viewed as an expression of fact or opinion can depend upon context - that is, whether or not the person making the statement would be perceived by the community as being in a position to know whether or not it is true. "

    "A defense similar to opinion is "fair comment on a matter of public interest".

    Now...I APOLOGIZE to anyone who was placed on the list in error. I dont think that donwplaying the world of dogfighting does our favorite breed justice either. Just because good people keep their dogs on chains doesnt mean that dogfighting is not happening with frightening regularity. Last statistics released years ago estimated that 40,000 people are involved in dogfighting every year. Are we to assume these numbers have not increased? It doesnt matter whether it is the street fighters, the hobbyists, or the "professional" dogmen....they are all wrong. How can you be opposed to dogfighting, but then try to reason that the issue is not that serious...while in the same breath stating that it is a serious offense to accuse someone of such an act? THE HSUS are the evil-doers because they are shutting down dogfighting kingpins like Floyd Boudreaux. His reputation was obviously enough of reason for authorities to raid his yard. Again, that is the price that comes with building your fame on something immoral and now illegal. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOGS CHAINED. Do as you please. And FOR THE RECORD, the west-coast style bullies I find repulsive and certainly nothing close to what the APBT should look like. I find the leaner more agile dogs to be more attractive so this is not an issue regarding the conformation and body style of the dogs. I hear so many people defending game dog breeders...as though there is a need for a game tempermant. I hear people making claims about curs and gameness. So we love pit bulls but we feel that the dogs that wont last through a match or are not from game bloodlines are of less worth and are not fit to live. How do we benefit from breeding gameness? Why is it that we have to breed dogs that wont lose when thrust into a situation? And I KNOW that game does not mean violent or agressive necissarily but how many ways can you test a dogs true gameness? And game dogs do tend to be dog agressive because of their bloodlines. Now is it the dogs fault? no. Should they be put down? No. But it just seems like an egotistical thing to me. And while I was mistaken on several occasions...I trust everyone still has their dogs....and I also feel that most of the profiles listed , I was on point about. Now if we are going to debate the issue of whether what I did was wrong or right thats fine but Im not going to listen to people talk as though every person on the list was without a doubt innocent responsible apbt lovers. Because that is bogus. And I have listened. I do listen. Ive been patient. Ive been understanding and Ive been rational. I understand everything that is being said and Ive taken it all into account. To be honest, part of suspicion was the idea that people who LOVE THE BREED and are EAGER to SHED POSITIVE LIGHT BUT yet their profiles are private. I KNOW thats crazy....but that is possibly why some were initally on the list because it just didnt make sense to me. And once approved I would go back and check it out. MANY profiles never added me even though i am a pit bull lover so that tells me quite a bit right there.
  20. YES! Those are my videos that I made....and thank you for the compliment. I also have several others if you look under my youtbue profile. You might be interested in STORY OF THE PIT BULL also. As well as BORN TO LOSE. CHECK THEM ALL OUT! lol.
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