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Need a Ch. Butkus fix....

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by miakoda, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Now that most of my dogs are "senior citizens" and the rest are waiting for me in heaven, I've been reminiscing about them and the good old days and that got me missing a few special dogs.

    My bitch off of Butkus was one of my favorites of all time and I miss her. So I want to see what others have, if you so care to share, and see what my options are in the future of getting some more of the blood down here to the swamplands. :)

    (I only have 2 dogs living with me at my house and a brother and a friend have the older ones of mine on their yards)
  2. Bxpits

    Bxpits CH Dog

  3. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    bxpits, whats the update
    i was wanting some butkus stuff
    that is a dream cross
  4. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    they are puppies dream pits, if that guy has any sense they wont be bred based off pedigree alone.
  5. Bxpits

    Bxpits CH Dog

    um that guy has alot of sense lol.
    im not breeding them anytime soon was just showing them off.
  6. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    sorry didnt check the dob
    anyways nice pups, good luck with them

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