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official/unofficial pedigree research thread

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by rallyracer, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    in order to keep things running smoothly, please put all requests in this thread. we dont need a whole bunch of different threads everytime someone wants a pedigree looked up

    here is the info we need to look up pedigrees:

    at minimum dogs FULL name as registered
    dogs sire and dam's name is very helpful, as not every dog is in the database
    registration numbers are ok, but many folks dont list by them.

    so if you would like to see if someone can look up a dogs pedigree for you it should look something like this:
    i was wondering if anyone can find my dogs pedigree for me? his name is Dwyer's Iron Mike, sire is Dwyer's Sir gallant, dam is Gene's Cloe. thanks

    and it goes something like:
    here you go...

    just trying to keep things from getting cluttered, thank you
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  2. BishopBullyZ13

    BishopBullyZ13 Big Dog

    adba rednose.......MILLS "E"......Sire: HIBBARDS "WISH" Dam: DAMRONS "SNOWBALL"??????? doubt u'll find it, but ya never know?
  3. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    doesnt match sire and dam but there is a mill's E..from a litter of 5 a,b,c,d,and e...


    nothing direct match for wish or snowball. but its cases like that if you know their dam and sire, its just one more tool in finding the ped for the dog
  4. BishopBullyZ13

    BishopBullyZ13 Big Dog

    nope sure dont.......reg. # help?
  5. pitbullin

    pitbullin Big Dog


    Townsend's Black Mamba

    Townsend's Earl T

    can somone please look these up?
    there outta Budweiser and black widow. (different litters)
  6. marshall619

    marshall619 Top Dog

  7. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

  8. anybody help me to search ch frike's bunny 6xw pedigree online...thx
  9. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    nothing there- got a sire and dam for her?
  10. how about frike's bunny 6XW?
    could u help me
  11. >BLAZE<

    >BLAZE< Big Dog

    Can someone look up Ch. Malboro? Don't know who owns him just heard of the dog.
  12. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

  13. >BLAZE<

    >BLAZE< Big Dog

    I dont think that the one I'm looking for, thanks for the effort!
  14. prpitdawg

    prpitdawg Top Dog

  15. KADO

    KADO Pup

    how about Espinoza's "BKOB" (and yes that is how it's spelled)
    Sire Espinoza's "ICE CUBE"
    Dam Manuel's "MAYA"
  16. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

  17. I was wondering if some people could help pull my dogs pedigree to try and find out what lines she is considered. Thanks you in advance.

    sire= jone's "last chance" 13000f-28 gaines,loves,divines

    dam= ray polly's "pocahontas" 2000f-09 alot of boyles, patricks
  18. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog



    got the sire and dam there for last chance?

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