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Update and Introduction....

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by NCPatchwork, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. NCPatchwork

    NCPatchwork CH Dog

    Hey guys, it has been a while and I have been busy moving and such. I check my email and stuff when I am at a friends house, but otherwise, I am not online much. I got a new pup today, he's a lil' older than CJ...

    The pup I got from 50/50 Kennels has turned out wonderfully so far and I am so lucky to have him.

    Here is my yard...updated LOL...

    Bryant's Phantom of the Showring-2 years old...
    Dixon's Jeep Renegade-5 months old(I need to update the picture, but you can look at my website www.patchworkpits.piczo.com)
    Bryant's Stuka(just a pet, spayed)-3 years old today!
    Rude Dawg's Show Stopper-1 1/2 years old
    Sipe's Voodoo Child-2 years old...only owned for 3 months.

    This is my new lil' man..Thanks Hard Luck Kennels
    M.A.K's Jaws-almost 6 months old.
  2. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    I can't believe how big CJ is getting. Also, Voodoo is looking so much better good job...If you need any help moving, message me and I can help out...The new boy looks good, can't wait to meet him!
  3. NCPatchwork

    NCPatchwork CH Dog

    Yeah...anytime...you should come over, we are in other than just moving the last of my stuff from storage...everything is great...come see me at PetSmart on monday, I will have Jaws withme
  4. pittychick

    pittychick Big Dog

    Your new guy is beautiful! Well...all of them are as always :)
  5. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    Sounds good. I'll take a ride down there tomorrow! PM me with what times you are working.

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