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Winter Weight Pull!!!

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by ElJay, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. ElJay

    ElJay CH Dog

    I know this is a little early, but I want everyone who may be interested to have plenty of time to prepare to come!

    This February come out and support the newest sanctioned ADBA club in the southest, representing the great state of Alabama, the Heart of Dixie APBT Club! Our first sanctioned show will be November 2013, but first we'll be hosting a winter weight pull! Bring in your dogs off the chain to compete for ribbons and bragging rights or enter the poker pull and compete for CASH! The event will be in a heated building on the Cullman County fairgrounds.... There will be hot chilli to help keep ya warm! So please come on out and show your support of this new club. Let's break the ice on the track and get them dogs warmed up for the spring season!


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  3. ElJay

    ElJay CH Dog


    Please come out and support us with this event! It will be a lot of fun, plus a chance to win money! And we'll have warm chilli available to eat. Plus it will be held in a nice climate-controlled building so you won't have to freeze ya t...ooshy off! Let's go bulldog people! You don't have to have some steller weight pull dog for a chance to win money either, just make at least one pull then you can buy extra cards to complete your poker hand. Best hand wins the money!


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